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wire_locker_room_shelf_styling_Rose_and_Grey wire_locker_room_shelf_styling_Rose_and_Grey wire_locker_room_shelf_styling_Rose_and_Grey wire_locker_room_shelf_styling_Rose_and_Grey This was abit of last minute faffing for the latest Rose & Grey Style Ambassador Challenge as Boo has been coming down with something which I’m hoping isn’t too nasty, so I’m running abit behind…

The task in hand was to style up this gorgeous wire locker room shelf, so for starters, I picked a few bits & pieces from my desk, & used one of my favourite ‘Helene’ baskets (also from Rose & Grey) for notebooks.
Feeling experimental, I then decided to try out a bit of a plant shelfie combined with natural finds & vintageware…I rather like both, which goes to show how versatile they are, but my actual plan is to use them in the bathroom once it’s done (check out my bathroom inspiration here.)

I’m completely loving having a decent & rather lovely florist in Arundel these days. It’s always such a pleasure to stop in & see Lauren at Flora & Nora, and I’m making it my new monthly treat – I’d much rather buy one lovely bunch from Lauren than a couple from the supermarket, and this month, I picked up a new plant (shown here, & whose name I can’t remember of course!) & a few of the prettiest blush roses. They last so much better too – do swing by if you’re ever nearby…

Also, quick shout out to two amazing Mama’s making stuff happen – Hels of Lionheart magazine (Pictured here) – Issue 6 rocks as do the previous issues! – if you haven’t got it yet, get it. And Carrie of Mère Soeur, who’s filled my heart with her kickass-self when she & her gorgeous boy came to stay last week. Her lush “Mama merch” is also filling my wardrobe & stationary penchant, and you should definitely keep an eye out for the launch of her charity adult colouring book, The Art of Motherhood, filled with illustrations from incredible female artists…more on that soon!

So, back to the challenge…which styling do you prefer? Where would you use a wire locker room shelf?

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