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Whats my Bag-AugustCollection Whats in my bag-August-lapinblu Whats in my bag-August-lapinblu Whats my Bag-AugustCollection Whats my Bag-AugustCollection Whats my Bag-AugustCollection 's my bag-augustcollection2 Whats my Bag-AugustCollection whats_in_my_bag_august_list For a long time now, I’ve been thinking of ways in which I could share more about the little things I love in my everyday…

You know when you come across something that makes you feel good, makes things a little easier, or is just a real treat to use? That stuff…I want to be  sharing with you the things that make me go Oooo!

Among other things I seem to find hard to resist; accessories, and bags in particular, are one of my favourite things. So I figured, why not share my favourites each month, and also, the bits & pieces I’ve come across & been loving.

So here we are, my bag for August was as follows…

1.The Life Plan-Kikki K limited edition cover design (because yes, it cost more, but it’s so pretty! (insert monkey face palm emoji here!)) “Be inspired to live with purpose and achieve your life goals with leading life coach, Shannah Kennedy”. I have to admit, I’m not far into it yet, but what I love about it is that, even flicking through the book in store, it made me stop & think…
Shannah inspires you to identify your true values and purpose, and enables you to do this right within the book as you write your own personal definitions straight into it. This helps you in finding clarity, and in developing your own tools & methods to declutter, improve how you manage your time, and stay focused.
As I said, I haven’t got too far in yet, but where I am so far, I like it enough to recommend it. You can also find this book on Amazon (which is much better value! What can I say, I’m a sucker for pretty!)

2.Kikki-K gold rollerball…I just love pretty stationary, and enjoy using it alot! Kikki-K is like a candy store to me, but is big bucks, which leads me round to number 4…

3.Grown Alchemist Intensive Hand Cream…My most favourite cream for hands – it smells divine with it’s Persian Rose and the organic ingredients hydrate & relieve without being greasy. A little goes a very long way – a luxurious treat.

4.Sainsbury’s Stationary…Recently, Sainsbury’s have had the most gorgeous stationary! From jotters & notelets, to rose gold rollerballs (almost exactly like the one in number 2), and pretty but super useful planners. They have a small selection online, but if you can find a big store, it’s a paper lovers dream!

5.*Boden Pamplona Sunglasses…These have been an absolute favourite over the summer, and I know they’re going to take me through Autumn too (and they’re currently in the sale!)

6.*Plum & Ashby Pomegranate Candle…I’ve mentioned before how much I love scented candles, and this is another one added to the collection. It smells utterly gorgeous, and I love the packaging. Currently resides by my bedside as I’ve been awaiting Autumn’s arrival to light it (which has appeared with gusto it would seem!)

7.**Radley Greyfriars Gardens Tote…The ultimate in tote bags for smart or casual meetings! It fits my laptop plus all the extra bits & bobs I like to carry with me. It has a zip top, which I really like, especially in the Autumn when the weather’s not so good & you don’t want the contents of your bag to get soaked. And in Ink Blue, it fits with my denim love and most favourite colours all at once.

8.*Clarins Double Serum…I received this to try out as part of an Instagram campaign (which you can see here) however, I’m under no obligation to mention it anywhere, or ever again, but I LOVE it. I hadn’t used Clarins for a long time, for no other reason than cost, but I would most definitely recommend this, and would buy again it myself. I’ve got to know my skin alot better in the last couple of years, so I know where I can mix and match, splurge & save, and this, I think is worth the splurge.

9.Rimmel London InstaFlawless…I first tried this early Spring time, and I have loved it ever since! It’s a perfect quick fix for when you want some light coverage, or just to pep up your skin. It’s really easy to apply, and great for early mornings & school runs, when you just want to feel abit put together but are tight on time. I use it with a touch of bronzer, blush, mascara & do my brows and feel good to go. I’ve not linked to it as I’ve found it available anywhere they sell Rimmel, but try SuperDrug, Boots, Tesco or Sainsbury’s, and you can also get it online.

10.The Ordinary Skincare by Deciem…Since I discovered this range, my skin has improved 100%. I’d love to be able to tell you what you should buy, but I think it’s so dependant on your individual skin, and since every product has it’s own specific action, it’s worth reading up on it on the site. However I love the Retinol 1%, the Azelaic Acid Suspension, and the Hyaluronic Acid 2%+B5. I also really like their serum foundation, although I bought too light a colour, and it is a little hard to guess which you’d need, but worth it if you get it right. The price point is amazing considering what it does and compared to similar other branded products, and I highly recommend trying this.

11.LA Pure 24k gold eye masks with Hyaluronic Acid & Collagen…I bought these after a chance pickup of another brand in TK Maxx. I wasn’t able to find them again until I came across LA Pure, and I flipping LOVE them! They feel amazing as soon as I put them on, and I literally feel like my skin is supping up the goodness. I notice a big difference & these have been the only eye treatment I’ve ever tried that I actually notice a difference. They were available on AmazonUK, but I noticed they are currently not due to some packaging issues – I haven’t experienced this, so I guess keep an eye out or order direct.

12.**Neubau “Dani” Eyewear…I have needed glasses full time since I was about 6 or 7. Right up into my teens, it wasn’t a great experience. I was called names and it made me so self-conscious. Coupled with buck teeth, you can just imagine my teenage torture! Thankfully, braces & contacts helped a little as I hit my later teens/early twenties, and these days, glasses don’t have the same stigma around them. In fact, if anything, they’ve become abit of fashion accessory! But with my past experience, I’d always preferred to wear my contacts than be seen in my specs…until I was approached to try out a pair from Neubau.
I’ve never ordered glasses online before, so was a little hesitant as to which style to choose (and there is alot of lovely choices!) I decided to opt for a style that seemed feminine & light, and I’ve drooled over clear glasses frames on Pinterest for a couple of years now, so when I spotted the “Dani” style in Crystal Clear, I knew that was the one for me. I sent my prescription & measurements as guided, and awaited the arrival of my new glasses. And I have to say, I was pretty overjoyed when they arrived! They fit perfectly, they’re lightweight, I feel good in them, and I’ve even been happy to post myself on Instagram in specs, which I’d never been comfortable with before.
I love Neubau’s attitude to sustainability & style, and the overall style & attitude of the brand as a whole. Read more about their “See & Do Good” frame of mind here. And check out how they look on me here.

13.Yves Saint Laurent Volupte Tint-in-Oil & Clinique Chubby Plump & Shine Liquid Lip Plumping Gloss…I like fairly natural colours on my lips, but also want something that feels glossy & moisturising. I’ve been using these for a good few months and love them both. The YSL Volupte oil gives a hint of colour that evolves on application and enhances the natural lip shade with a lovely glow, and my lips feel nourished with the specialist combination of 5 nourishing oils (Apricot Kernel, Macadamia Seed, Coriander Fruit, Jojoba Seed, and Passion Flower). I use 04 Pink About Me.
I’ve loved Clinique’s Chubby Sticks since they were first launched, so was excited to try the new Plump & Shine version. I really like the glossy sheen of this & with light reflectors, it helps my lips look plump & smooth, feel moisturised, and it lasts for ages. I use 06 Jumbo Jem.

14. \\ 15. *Boden Bracelet & Loafers…These were gifted (along with with my sunglasses) for an IG project where I wanted to recreate a look I’d fallen in love with on Pinterest! Boden were the only place that I could find leopard print mules & I have absolutely loved wearing them! These exact ones aren’t available right now, but for the changing season, these would be gorgeous alternatives if you’re looking. Click here to see how my outfit worked out…The trousers were from Zara, & the blouse from H&M.

16.**Radley Greyfriars Gardens Camera Bag…This is THE cutest cross-body bag for everyday, and has pretty much become my daily go-to handbag. In the matching Ink Blue to the tote, I love it paired with denim, or dressed up with greys. It’s already seen me through from a couple of dates, to days out with Boo, and even a weekend at the JustSo festival! It’s small but beautifully formed with a perfect front pocket for my phone, and enough room in the main pocket for a purse, keys, lippy, and even a small bottle of perfume! It probably would fit a smaller camera as it’s deceptively spacious, but I’d say it’s best suited to your everyday handbag usage!

Phew! That was a bigger list than I thought it was going to be! Just a note here to mention that items marked with * are items gifted as part of other projects which had no obligation to post here on the blog. Items marked ** were gifted for review, however context, content & opinion is at my own discretion, and I always give my own honest & open opinion. To be perfectly honest, if I didn’t like something, I just wouldn’t write about it.

So that was my love list for August…how about you? What have you been loving lately & what should I be trying out next?

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