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Vintage Industrial Trolley Plant Hospital Vintage Industrial Trolley Log Store Vintage Industrial Trolley Kitchen Island Vintage Industrial Trolley Cloakroom Boot Storage Who doesn’t need more storage, right?

Anyone with kids or organised hoarding tendencies may know what I mean (ahem). But sometimes, it can be a toss up as to whether the solution may become more of hindrance than the stuff that needed storing in the first place.

So, when Rose & Grey asked me to come up with a few ideas as to how to use their vintage industrial trolley for this month’s style ambassador challenge, I was curious. Would it be up to the usefulness test, or would I find that it took up more space than looks alone were worth?

Well, this is what I came up with…

1\\ Potting Station/Plant Hospital – I have to move my house plants around to ensure they get enough light, especially in the winter. I thought this would be a really handy solution to do so all at once. As well as providing storage for repotting tools etc. I discovered botanics looks pretty lush against the distressed metal – it wouldn’t look amiss in a conservatory trailing with greenery, or perhaps on a garden balcony or terrace either.

2\\ Log/Kindling Store – An alternative to inbuilt shelves or a log basket, and easy to wheel out to refill too. If you didn’t have space right near the fire, it could be housed in a porch or utility space.

3\\ Kitchen Island – I’ve always wanted a kitchen island! That little bit of extra workspace to play with, plus added storage. Well, the trolley worked pretty well for this, and I could pull up a stool to sit at while I worked as it’s lower than the standard worktops. It’s easy to move to one side as freestanding shelving if you want the central space back or to use in a more permanent way too.

4\\ Hallway/Porch Boot Store – I thought this would be a pretty stylish & useful catch-all for post, keys, boots, shoes & bags – basically all that gumph that gets dumped as we get in the door. The top shelf can be utilised to create more of an organised focal point, leaving plenty of room for everything else, including a basket for hats, gloves, scarves etc.

Boo and I came up with a few more ideas too…a music station, toy storage, laundry/utility station, or dressing table (me). Or a pet grooming station (Boo (still in adoration with Tabitha, therefore, everything is relative!))…

Well, I didn’t shoot all that because I think you get the idea, and you know…life…but I would definitely say this vintage industrial trolley passed the test for both looks & potential usefulness in so many ways. I’m now torn between bedroom or utility…decisions, decisions!

What do you think, stylish solution or space taker?


This post was styled and shot as part of the Rose & Grey Style Ambassadors Challenge.
Concept, images, and opinion are my own.

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