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happy cupboard3 Yay! finally, here is the cupboard makeover I’ve been dying to share with you (and why my fingers were all painty here)…
cupboard before & after House doings have been much slower than I expected so, in the meantime, I really wanted to create some simple ‘happy corners’ ~ little pockets of colour, handmade, memories & happy that would make me smile whatever else is going on. I also wanted somewhere in the kitchen where all the Bear’s making bits & pieces could be homed in one place and easily accessible to her.
So, this was another beauty from Grandma…Ma said she’d found an old metal cabinet in the shed which she thought I’d like, and this was what was there…isn’t she a beauty? (Grandma said “oh, I don’t know why you’d want that old thing” ~ oh, I did I did!)

On further investigation, Grandma revealed that my great~grandmother had used it for storing food when they lived in Ceylon (how wonderful that must have been!). It had then been passed on to her and tucked away, until my Grandad (apparently, since that’s what we found in it), used it to store oils and petrol in the shed.
before It was full of spiderwebs and grubby from years sitting in the damp, but I knew it would come up lovely and just what I wanted to do…after a good scrub inside & out, I painted the outside ‘old white’ & the inside ‘aubusson blue’ (Annie Sloan). I used a wire wash pad to scrub the stainless steel top & shelf inside, which came up beautifully, and then x~stitched the floral design into the mesh on the door.
happy cupboard4 hello sunshine rose x~stitch happy corner making cupboard I painted an old enamel cake tin (using the same paints) and used a sweet little chinese tea cup I found years ago at a car boot to make planters for my succulent lovelies. The pear and apple salt & pepper shakers were a gift from my other Grandma from their favourite restaurant (she bought a set for each of the grandchildren when the owners moved. We’d celebrated some of my grandparent’s biggest occasions there, and I love that we have these special keepsakes.)

It fits all the making stuff perfectly & really does make me smile every time I catch that little corner as I’m pottering. It’s so wonderful that this well travelled little cabinet lives on for another generation, and in a very happy corner of our world.

Thanks for joining me x

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  1. Eileen Wilson

    This is an astounding transformation. I have never seen cross stitch on wire mesh before. Such a clever idea with beautiful effects.
    I also love the story behind the furniture too. How lovely to breathe new life into an heirloom piece so you enjoy and use in your new home.

  2. Jen

    Can I just say – WOW! That is utterly beautiful. Aren’t you clever! And i love it’s historical significance too. You’ve certainly made that a very lovely and happy corner. x

  3. Bee

    So beautiful … a perfect corner of happiness … I love the history too … can I be a little cheeky and ask what you think of the Amber Rose book … I have had it on my wishlist for a while but was unsure about it … hope you don’t mind my asking … Bee xx

    1. sarah-lou - Post author

      Thank you, Bee, & of course I don’t mind…I’ve not made anything yet, but it’s lovely to look at ~ very tempting, and I definitely will be using it in the New Year x

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