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Urban Jungle Bloggers Easter LapinBlu Urban Jungle Bloggers Easter LapinBlu Urban Jungle Bloggers Easter LapinBlu Urban Jungle Bloggers Easter LapinBlu Urban Jungle Bloggers Easter LapinBlu It’s been a bit manic round here as the school term draws to a close & I try to slow things up a little for the holidays, but I’m sliding in quickly with my Urban Jungle Bloggers Easter offering…

I mentioned in my last UJB post that some of my plants have suffered a little over the winter, and I was sad to lose the little succulent shown there as it was one of my first & a favourite – overwatered I suspect :0( I have, however, consoled myself with a few newbies of the non-succulent variety, including these beauties, which are bringing shots of green joy to my studio space. I’m being sooper careful with watering these and have been attending to others around our home by finally potting on & giving them a good feed.

Hyacinth bulbs are always a favourite for me (as you might have picked up seeing them in my March Styling the Seasons post too!) – I particularly love the white & can’t wait for these to bloom. I also love to have the sooper soft greys of the Salix sprigs (aka pussy willow) dotted around in various vases & bottles too. I popped these in a beautiful vintage milk bottle I couldn’t resist whilst I was at The Hambledon last year – you can just see it peeping through the plants here, but it’s usually on full display!

I made the simple little egg cups & candles (more details here). They’re a sweet addition to our Easter decor, which I’m keeping really simple at home this year. I’ll be kept busy though, as I’ve since been commissioned to make a dozen, plus goodie bags, for a friend’s chocolate egg making party on Good Friday!

Do have plans for Easter? How will you spend yours?

Urban Jungle Bloggers is a collaborative project founded by the lovely Judith & Igor which inspires creativity & community amongst plant lovers. For more green Urban Jungle Bloggers Easter ideas, visit the UJB website or search #urbanjunglebloggers (you can join in too). Find my previous Urban Jungle Bloggers posts here.

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  1. Igor

    I love your green & simple decor idea for Easter! I kept it super simple too – but mostly because I won’t be at home over Easter:-) And I see that a bit of catkin can never go wrong for an Easter vignette! Sorry to hear about your little succulent. But my advice is to get another one and learn from the failure with the first (this is strictly off the record: But I managed to kill a succulent too). Happy Easter!!

  2. Judith

    Ahhh poor succulent! A good reason to get another new one and learn from the over-watering disaster (happens to me too hahahaha) I’m happy to tell you that your baby survived winter here in France 🙂 Hope your Easter celebration was just as fab as your gorgeous styling, Sarah-Lou! xx

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