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urban jungle bloggers give a growing gift This month’s Urban Jungle Bloggers project is all about green gift giving & ideas for using plants as long lasting gifts – perhaps for a housewarming, a dinner invitation, or just to say thank you…
Urban Jungle Bloggers grow an avocado plant My green gifts are of thanks…Firstly, I actually really wanted to say thanks to both Igor & Judith…thank you for creating such a wonderful community of creative plant lovers, and thank you for your continued inspiration…but also, thanks to Judith for your advice and encouragement on growing my avocado plant when I’d pretty much lost hope! After this post, it actually took six failed attempts (and alot of patient waiting!) until this one finally took, but look at her now!
I stuck to the water hover method in the end (Judith actually planted her’s in soil from the get go), and additional tips for my method would be:
1\\ if you’re in the UK or cooler climes coming towards Summer – start now (April/May) & place in a window as South facing as possible so it has the full benefit of warmth & light
2\\ make sure the pit is not cut into at all
3\\ change the water daily & wash the pit regularly
I think those things really helped mine along for sure… urban jungle bloggers green gift pineapple plant
Which brings me round to my next project; inspired and advised by the sooper lovely Kate Tweedie (Netherleigh)…we also came across each other via UJB, and Kate had shared a wonderful IG shot of a pineapple top which had grown roots, and which immediately piqued my curiosity. So, with a little advice from Kate (pretty much chop of the top, skin back some leaves, stand in water, clean & change water regularly); I tried my own, and, lo and behold, she is begun – yay! (Ridiculously excited when I spotted the first white shoot coming down!!)
urban jungle bloggers green gift Whilst in Morocco, we came across beautiful fruit trees in the courtyard at Kasbah Bab Oirika (oh, my life – go there!) No-one could quite agree what they were, although they seemed like a cross between an apricot & plum – they were perhaps unripe & very bitter – I’d love to know if you can shed anymore light…
Anyway, they immediately made me think of Kate & Judith, and of growing fruit trees. I wondered if the seeds from these might work too, and if I didn’t know just the perfect ladies to give it a try…I had my green gift & they are on their way with an extra little something that makes me smile – I hope it will bring them joy too (and I’ve not forgotten Igor either ;0)… Urban Jungle Bloggers Give a Green Gift

Urban Jungle Bloggers is a monthly series & creative green community founded by Judith (Joelix.com) & Igor (Happy Interior Blog). Join in with your green images using #urbanjunglebloggers on social media, or share your story with a blog post.
Kate blogs at netherleigh, and you can also find her on twitter \\ instagram \\ pinterest

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  1. Igor

    It is us who want to say THANK YOU for being such a wonderful and engaging Urban Jungle Blogger, Sarah-Lou!! Here’s to more green bliss!

  2. kate

    Oh, Sarah-Louise! You are the sweetest. This has made my day and it is only 6:30am! So glad you’ve had fun experimenting with the pineapple – it really is a thrill to see the shoots start to appear. I will be excitedly checking the post box each day now xx

  3. Judith

    Ohhhhh it will be so cool to give this a try, Sarah-Lou!!! I can’t wait for the postman to bring these mystery seeds and start trying! Super thoughtful and kind of you <3 See you next month! xx

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