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the_seasons_at_lassco_spring The_seasons_at_Lassco_Spring_SarahLouFrancis-2 Spoon Carving_Grain and Knot_SarahLouFrancis_LapinBlu_the_Seasons_at_lassco The_seasons_at_Lassco_Spring_SarahLouFrancis-7 The_seasons_at_Lassco_Spring_SarahLouFrancis-12 The_seasons_at_Lassco_Spring_SarahLouFrancis-15 Seasons at Lassco_Dinner under the arches_SarahLouFrancis_lapinBlu The_seasons_at_Lassco_Spring_SarahLouFrancis-62 The_seasons_at_Lassco_Spring_SarahLouFrancis-25 The_seasons_at_Lassco_Spring_SarahLouFrancis-34 The_seasons_at_Lassco_Spring_SarahLouFrancis-68 The_seasons_at_Lassco_Spring_SarahLouFrancis-75 The_seasons_at_Lassco_Spring_SarahLouFrancis-47 The_seasons_at_Lassco_Spring_SarahLouFrancis-78 The_seasons_at_Lassco_Spring_SarahLouFrancis-27 The_seasons_at_Lassco_Spring_SarahLouFrancis-83 Lassco_SarahLouFrancis-85 Lassco_SarahLouFrancis-86 Lassco_SarahLouFrancis-91 Way back in the Spring, I had the pleasure of attending a truly beautiful, engaging, & delicious day of workshops, conversation & supper held at Lassco Ropewalk.

Curated in collaboration with Lucy Franks, ‘The Seasons at Lassco’ is “a four part series of events that seeks to explore & celebrate the British seasons by bringing together craft makers, musicians, florists & chefs within the unique Maltby Street setting.”

Our afternoon was spent immersing ourselves in the art of spoon carving with Sophie Sellu of Grain & Knot, sustained by chocolate treats from Mast Brothers, coffee by Ozone, and a delicious food platter from Morgwn Preston-Jones.

As the early evening drew in & a chilly breeze blew, wrapped with warming blankets, we moved under the shelter of the beautiful arches of the working wood yard for an incredible feast prepared by Morgwn & his team from Bedales of Borough. The scene was set with floristry from Wild Renata Flowers & music from Jonny Holliday & Friends.

All in all, it was a wonderful experience & I came away a little dreamlike! The Summer series is now open for booking and I highly recommend it for the Bank Holiday – Lucy has a wonderful talent for bringing together incredible crafts people & creating a beautiful atmosphere that is as engaging as it is relaxing & divinely delicious.

Find out more & book your tickets for The Seasons at Lassco over on the website. You can also follow the seasonal stories & events on Instagram @theseasonsatlassco

Have a wonderful time!

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