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vintage-designer-modern-chair-collection vintage-designer-modern-chair-collection I’ve been meaning to take a more creative little look at my chair collection for ages, and recently spent a very contented afternoon gathering & shooting them…oh, how seeing them all together like this makes me happy! and these are just the ones I can manoeuvre with ease!

Poor DBear despairs of my obsession with chairs, and yet despite putting me on a ban, he went back (well, OK, he sent me back with his card!) to get my much adored Bertoia side chair (middle row. left) after I had had to walk away with only pennies in my pocket. He just knew how hard I’d fallen for it, and I love it even more for that.

It’s not about whether a chair is designer, modern, or vintage for me, and if I’m honest, where they are vintage, they don’t have to be in the best condition either…but a chair has to speak to me. It’s a whisper so quiet, I can’t even tell you what is said. It’s not just in the shape or the colour;  the lines or the design, it’s something that makes my heart skip, and once uttered…if I happen to have the funds, that chair will rarely be left behind, space for it or no, and if not, it will haunt me for a long time to come…

During the house purchasing got it/lost it period, in lieu of here, I found a newly renovated bungalow which was throwing distance from the beach, walking distance from the local village, and was like they’d known I was coming in terms of style…it wasn’t in fact entirely practical space wise for us, but I was totally won over by the decor, and in particular, that I’d also managed to persuade the couple to leave, amongst other wonderful items, their dining table & six beautiful chairs. I was smitten!…

They were Kartell Masters ~ a modern and combined nod to the iconic design of Arne Jacobsens’ Series 7, the Eiffel Chair by Charles Eames (like my prize win pink repro, top middle), and the Tulip Armchair, by Euro Saarinen ~ each pair in a complementary colour, and totally gorgeous (even DBear was somewhat seduced by their clean & sweeping moulding!) Almost eighteen months on, I still think about those chairs often. When it came down to the feelings we had about this house versus the decor of that though, that was a whisper I very much had to walk away from!

It would seem my chair obsession has not gone unnoticed  though, & thanks to the loverly folks at Kontenta, I’m happy to say that we have now added one Kartell Masters chair at least, to the collection, and, whilst it was me who originally loved them so, Boo & DBear now squabble over it too!
In terms of design, our newest addition is indeed a thing of beauty, but sitting in it is really the most delightful thing…I’d challenge you not to let, a perhaps somewhat surprised, “oooOo, that is cOmfy!” escape from your lips…five out of five have so far! I should mention that the white marks easily, but a little Jif has soon sorted that out.

I don’t think I could ever pick just one perfect chair, but to date, this is now in the top five favourites of my collection…can you guess the others? x

For more chair love, check out my TAKE A SEAT board over on pinterest…

Kartell Masters chair c/o Kontenta with thanks. Words, images & opinion are my own, open & honest.

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  1. Patricia Josey

    When my obsession for chairs threatened to overwhelm my home, I ended up starting a “small chair collection” that both satisfies and curbs the craving (can’t help it – I JUST LOVE CHAIRS). It’s such fun to happen upon an addition to the collection. My tiniest one is about 2cm high and the largest about 12″ high. They are all displayed together and make me smile everytime I look at them.
    Happy Holidays!

  2. Katy

    This is such a wonderful post and your collection of chairs is swoon worthy! I want all of them! Love the way you’ve photographed them too xx

  3. Eileen Wilson

    I share your obsession. I can’t walk past a junk shop without a rummage for a well turned leg or comfy seat. Mid century design and practicality married like works of art. Whether liked or loathed they always provoke a reaction. I love old chairs that need a bit of love. Mis-matched and a bit scruffy makes for the best family of chairs. And my family are learning to love them too.

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