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Image by Nina Nixon via instagram for the everyday spruce project | #theeverydayspruce

image submitted to #theeverydayspruce on IG by the talented Nina Nixon

OK sprucers, as you might remember, Heather & I have always wanted to encourage & develop the community aspect of The Everyday Spruce project, and we mentioned in our last posts (click for mine \ click for Heather’s) that we’d be sharing our monthly themes and encouraging you to get more involved in the project.

We’ve been so excited to receive your mails & messages expressing your interest in joining us in The Everyday Spruce project, thank you! So today, we’re launching our first monthly theme – eeep!

This month, it’s all about getting Set for Summer – and actually, I’m going to leave it there – totally open to your interpretation. My only note is to remember that the idea of The Everyday Spruce Project is for you to simplify, clarify or beautify an element of your everyday, for yourself, your home or your daily routine (find out a little more on our interpretation of sprucing & our ethos here).

You can post anytime on IG of course (the feed is looking totally lovely btw, thank you!) and we’re suggesting blog posts go live w/c 13th July. We’ll keep an eye out, but just drop us a note or tag us on social media so we can add you to the pinterest board & others can find you too.

There’s no pressure as to which month you join in The Everyday Spruce – it could be just those that resonate with you, or you could take on the challenge every month (as you can probably tell, we know first hand how precious time can be & how the realities of life can take precedence). And, remember, the theme is only meant as inspiration. Where it takes you or what you find you need from it is totally up to you.

Happy sprucing & thanks for joining us x

#TheEverydaySpruce is a collaborative project created by myself & Heather (Growing Spaces) aimed to inspire & encourage simplification, clarification & beautification for you, your home & your daily routine. To join in…simply use #theeverydayspruce to share your sprucing stories, ideas & tips on IG. You can also leave a comment or contact us to join the monthly theme mailing list for blog posts.

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  1. Katy at Apartment Apothecary

    Can’t wait to see everybody’s post! I’ve just ordered some cool fabric to make the perfect picnic bag that I will share on July 13th (or later, depending how much sewing time I get between now and then!). xx

  2. Heather

    I’m so excited about this next stage of #TheEverydaySpruce – seeing how everyone interprets the theme is going to be so brilliant x

  3. Alexis

    I’m going to try to join in… feel like all I’m doing at the mo is frantically finishing off loads of stuff before school holidays… does that count!!?

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