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the everyday spruce project

One of my highlights for 2014 has been building firm offline friendships with creative & inspirational folk I’ve met through blogging & related events, and it’s been a pleasure indeed to share time, ideas & mutual cheerleading with Heather since we met last Spring. Having real world support & encouragement from people who just “get it”, has been as important to me as my older, pre-blogging, friendships remain (the ones where I’m banned from checking my phone, mentioning IG, and most of whom still ask, “so, what’s Pinterest actually for“…I sigh but love them for it!!)

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt lately, it’s that there’s often not enough time to do it all. And that’s OK, sometimes. But when I’m feeling as good as I can, things are (pretty much) where they should be, and I’m happy in my environment; things tend to go that bit more smoothly, and it’s certainly alot easier to focus on who I want to be, what I want (or need) to be doing, and on spending time being more present with the people I love.
Through many discussions & shared inspirations, our thoughts came together, 
and I’m really excited to reveal our collaborative project for 2015…The Everyday Spruce.

To spruce’ in its most basic definition means to make neat… by association, it can also be used to describe the acts of fixing up, organising and beautifying. Through our project – The Everyday Spruce – we’re using the term to describe a more general idea of shaking things out and hitting refresh.

We’ll be sharing easy and useful tips, projects and ideas that we hope will inspire and encourage you to revitalise things a little too, both around your home and in your daily routines. This isn’t about making things perfect (who needs THAT pressure?!), but about focusing on simple things that can help to make the everyday just a little bit easier, and, perhaps, more beautiful to you aswell.

We’ll be taking it in turns to post ideas around a broad theme each month, and we’d love for you to join us and share your own everyday spruce ideas, tips and journeys by using the hashtag #theeverydayspruce. 

Hop by & say hi…
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You can also follow our shared Pinterest board to which we’ll be adding plenty of ideas, tips & inspiration in the coming months…

Let’s make 2015 a happy & beautiful one!


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