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refreshing & uplifting DIY linen & room spray lemon, eucalyptus & bergamot essential oil linen spritz lemon, eucalyptus & bergamot linen & room spritz
DIY essential oil room fragrance Is it still Tuesday? Phew, late but just about made it!…a bout of flu, followed by a chest infection & (bizarrely) a tooth infection, has set me all at two & eights – how is it March already too! I should have been resting & allowing myself a little time to recover with a few of Heather’s recommended reads, but instead, I’ve been trying to do everything, not achieved much, and made myself worse in the process! Hey Ho…
Anyway, I am now on the mend, and this week’s DIY linen & room spritz for #TheEverydaySpruce has certainly aided a boost in my spirits, filling our rooms with the deliciously refreshing & uplifting scents of lemon, eucalyptus & bergamot – I’ve been spritzing all our bed linens & rooms with glee! And it’s so quick and easy to do…

You will need:

\\ 50ml bottle with atomiser (I ordered pretty blue ones a bit late, but managed to upcycle this amber bottle with a travel bottle spritz top in the meantime)
\\ 1-2 tspns each of lemon eucalyptus & bergamot essential oils (pics show my oils from here, but I found lemon eucalyptus at Holland & Barrett & used that as I wanted the lemon addition)
\\ water (you can use distilled water if you prefer, but I just used tap)
\\ OPTIONAL – a small funnel is useful but not totally necessary & it’s up to you whether to label your bottle – I used some labels I had lying around which I printed onto as I’d quite like to make up different fragrances and will use coloured numbers to represent the scents. You could stamp, write or paint your own, or just leave the bottle plain.


1. Measure your oil & add to bottle (I used a tspn & a half of each equally. I’d recommend at least 60 drops of each (approx. 1 tspn) as a minimum)
2. Top up bottle with water
3. Screw on lid & shake to mix
4. Wipe & dry bottle. Add label if doing so
5. Spritz in the air & lightly above linens, cushions & curtains to fill your space with scent

And that’s really how simple it is. The scent has so far lasted from mid-afternoon to evening, and has me taking deep breaths as I enter each room – perfect for welcoming Spring & the official sprucing season!

Speaking of which, we’ve something fun coming up to help you with your Spring sprucing…more on that soon (such a tease!)…in the meantime, are you ready for a mega clean or have you been making a regular spruce part of your routine?

The Everyday Spruce is a collaborative project between myself & Heather Young at Growing Spaces to inspire & encourage simplification, clarification & beautification for you, your home & your daily routine. To join in…simply use #theeverydayspruce to share your sprucing stories, ideas & tips on IG & Twitter, or write a blog post (tag us so we can find it) & we can share it on our joint Pinterest board.

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Comments (9)

  1. caroline

    Oh no, so glad your on the mend lovely, sounds like you’ve had a horrible time!
    I love the sound of these, I might have to try some myself. Gorgeous blue bottles too. xx

    1. sarah-lou - Post author

      Aw thanks Caroline, on the mend now, just prolonged it by not resting properly :o) The bottles arrived today – they are lovely! x

  2. nina nixon

    I love this idea Sarah – I’m always on the look out for new ways to make our home smelly…in a nice kind of way.

    Hope you feel better soon. I’m hoping we’ve rid all the germs here…I’m hoping. X

  3. Jen

    Oh yes I’ll definitely give this a try. I really could do with giving my home a spring fresh smell. Glad you are on the mend too, unfortunately the lurgy has invaded our home big time, so I’m feeling a bit sorry for myself! x

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