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styling the seasons march spring vignette mother's day styling the seasons march spring vignette styling the seasons march spring vignette mother's day styling the seasons march spring vignette mother's day styling the seasons march spring vignette mother's day styling the seasons march spring birthday bloom mothers day styling the seasons march birthday blooms mothers day Hurrah for March! It’s the arrival Spring in my books…a brighter month which feels like time to unfurl, stretch, be up and doing…longer days, a touch of warmth to the sun against lingering chilly air, and an all round chippier vibe – good stuff…and flowers…lots & lots of blooms!

I want blooming bulbs in every room right now, so I started with our bedroom for my Styling the Seasons March story…

This month is also all about the girls for me…with International Women’s Day, Mother’s Day & (ahem) my Birthday (the second most important day of the year, obvs!) I wanted to create a distinctly feminine feel in this little space, particularly as I’ve been adding darker shades to our room lately, in order to “man it up” a little for D!

I find it rather poignant that Mother’s Day also falls on my birthday this year. To represent this, I included a candle (made from Katy’s fab tutorial), and one of my favourite baking books, ‘Love Bake Nourish’ (I’m looking forward to lots of cake this weekend!), and I had to go through our old family albums a couple of weeks ago & came across this beautiful photo of Ma. The little tree pots were my Mum’s and were always on our bathroom windowsill as we grew up in our family home – I treasure these. And Boo is not forgotten of course…I added a little shell she found on our adventures – she collects so many little treasures which are saved awhile and then returned to nature, but this particular one has been carefully preserved & kept in one of her (many) little jewellery boxes.

My french vintage ‘le parfait’ jar, and the little green Wade were antique & charity shop finds. I’ve waited ages to find the perfect plant for the tiny little space in the Wade, and the Muscari bulbs were just the right fit!

So there we are, cake, blooms & mama love…I like March alot, how about you?

This is my March story for Styling the Seasons: a collaborative project founded by Katy (Apartment Apothecary) & Charlotte (Lotts & Lots). You can find all my posts so far right here, and you can join in too. Simply style a surface in your home to reflect what each month means to you, upload your post or picture on social media using #stylingtheseasons & tag Katy (@AptApothecary) & Charlotte (@lottsandlots/@tweetinglotts).
For more inspiration & to find all the stories, hop by the Styling the Seasons Pinterest board…it’s rather lovely!
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  1. Cate

    Beautiful! Love the spring blooms, I love to have them dotted around the house too, they smell amazing! Hope you have a fab mother’s day on sunday x

  2. Alina

    Such a lovely idea, I definitely want to start taking part! 🙂
    Your photography is just lovely by the way!
    Alina x

  3. Charlotte

    Thanks so much for another wonderfully inspiring post. I feel so springy just looking at it.

    Have a wonderful birthday and Mothers day x

  4. Katy

    Gorgeously gorgeous! Love the light, bright feel of the styling, photographs and your words. Also loving the fact you made the candle 😉 xxx

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