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styling the seasons january styling the seasons styling the seasons styling the seasons january cosy styling the seasons january slow living If I’m totally honest, I’m struggling to succinctly sum up what January means to me…A shift in perspective, a time for restoration of mind & home. For lists, preparation and planning; for stopping a moment to breath in and feel the sharp icy air in your lungs; to gaze at the muted colour palettes of the outdoors. To eat well, and to hunker down and spend quiet days pottering together.

Overall, I’ve been embracing hibernation this month – slow living, presence, appreciating simple beauty, and calm moments at home.

As much as I loath the school routine and love holiday time together, I’ve appreciated having some quiet time again. And I’ve been more intentional with that time – leaving my phone wherever I’m not in order to be a little more offline; reading, listening to music & taking naps; making plans; sprucing and pottering. Of course, the everyday continues, but I’ve found in being a little kinder to myself and taking a slower approach throughout my days; it’s a much calmer chaos than I’ve known before. It feels good.

This is my January story for Styling the Seasons: a collaborative project founded by Katy (Apartment Apothecary) & Charlotte (Lotts & Lots). Join in & share your story by styling a surface in your home to reflect what each month means to you, then upload your post or picture on social media using #stylingtheseasons & tag Katy (@AptApothecary) & Charlotte (@lottsandlots/@tweetinglotts).

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  1. caroline

    This is so lovely, such beautiful photos! I love your new blog look and profile pic too – it all looks fab! I’m hoping to get mine up this week. Hope all is well with you lovely. xx

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