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Grandmas Sausage Pie Welcome to my final styling the seasons post for 2014! As I mentioned here, I was feeling a little overwhelmed this month, so I decided to split my posts and keep this one nice & simple…

One of our favourite traditions at Christmas is to share a simple feast on Boxing Day which always includes Grandma Daf’s sausage pie. My Grandma’s recipes were closely guarded for so long, but I finally managed to get her to share this some years ago…not so much a recipe as a method really…I always struggled to decipher her beautiful handwriting, but this is what she says:

Sausage Pie
Make pastry or bought pastry. Roll out very thin & line a sandwich tin. Roll out the topping piece.
The sausage meat, forked out all over the pastry. Several tomatoes – best if skinned – cut into slices & 3 or 4 eggs broken over. A sprinkle of salt on toms & eggs. Place top pastry on & press round edges. Make 3 or 4 fork holes in pastry. You could keep a little white of eggs & brush over top of pastry.
Bake?? Heaven knows. Oven 175º-200º, should take about 3/4 hr. You’ll have to keep an eye on it. It must be thoroughly done.

You know you pour boiling water on the toms, leave 2 minutes & then they skin easily.
Good Luck! Very difficult to write down what one does almost automatically. G’ma

It’s fairly open to interpretation & experimentation, really! I’ve tweaked it to suit us over the years, and tend to buy two parcels of sausage meat from the butchers which I season with herbs & pepper. I add bacon on top of the forked meat, and use a small tin of tomatoes. I also skip the bottom pastry as it gets quite moist during cooking so usually ends up soggy (although I don’t remember G’ma’s being like that so perhaps it’s just me!) I bake it at around 200º (fan) for her recommended 3/4 hr, and it’s always been cooked through so far.

We serve it with mash & beans, and it makes a nice change from the Christmas leftovers which we save for lunches. I even froze it (uncooked) one year when we went Ski-ing over Christmas…it defrosted on the driven journey & was ready to bake when we arrived…I couldn’t skip the tradition, even if we had it a little early!

What’s your favourite festive tradition?

Why not join in with project founders, Katy & Charlotte, and style the seasons in 2015 too…simply take a photo of your styled surface, blog it or just share on social media using #stylingtheseasons & tag Katy (@AptApothecary) & Charlotte (@lottsandlots/@tweetinglotts). It’s been such a fun & creative community to be part of so far, I can’t wait to see what 2015 brings, I hope to see you there x

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