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collections autumn vignettes home styling autumn styling the seasons october autumn home styling stylingtheseasons autumn colours bringing nature in stylingtheseasons I’ve been doing a little bit more research into the art of styling as I realised that I don’t really put much thought into where I put things right now…Sometimes things work (more luck than planning, which could perhaps be called ‘having an eye’?), but sometimes, I can’t work out why little groups or spaces with nick-naks make me so feel uncomfortable.
Anyway, now that things are a bit more sorted, and with a little more idea of theory; I was able to really think about what I wanted to do this month & make a real change to a surface in our home. I really enjoyed practicing & putting this month’s vignette together…

October always reminds me of my Grandparents. We would visit in half term and my brother & I would spend alot of time outdoors. We’d romp about the fields & woods behind their house until we heard the peals of the old school bell Grandpa would ring to call us back for tea. Grandma Daf had wonderful lantern plants by the back door and I was always desperate to pluck them (but all too well aware of the wrath it would incur!) I loved to find the skeletal ones that had dropped though – such delicate beauty.
I’ve realised lately that we actually spend more time exploring our surroundings* in the Autumn & Winter than we seem to in the Summer. I think Autumn is slowly replacing Summer as my favourite season (or at very least, joint).
I love the misty walks (still bathed in golden sun if we’re lucky – the warm, late afternoon light that floods this corner is so gorgeous); the colours – coppers (my Dad made the little bowl when he was at school), burnt oranges, ochres, russets, layered greys, and the mix of deep, dark, rich, muted & fading greens and golds; the smell of earth, rain & the freshness of outdoors; and the collecting of fallen gifts from the trees (Boo’s had a bumper conker collection!).
I love our gatherings – the darker evenings feel cosier somehow; the warmer, heartier foods; candle & firelight.
I love our three time as always, and of course, October brings us All Hallow’s Eve…I’m not a fan of the commercialism of Halloween, but I do love how excited Boo gets about it all. I also adore pumpkins (we’re so lucky to find such a huge variety here), and I’m fascinated by the original sentiment of remembering and celebrating loved and lost ones.
As our Summer plan didn’t quite come together, we are having a ‘Dia de Los Muertos‘ style gathering this month instead. We can’t wait for everyone to come together at last.

Don’t forget, you can join in with Katy & Charlotte too. Simply take a photo of your styled surface, share it on social media using #stylingtheseasons & tag Katy (@AptApothecary) & Charlotte (@lottsandlots/@tweetinglotts).
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  1. rusty {rambles}

    What a wonderful idea. Your photos are absolutely beautiful; that light! I agree- autumn and winter are made for exploring. Often much more interesting than the bright heat of summer.

  2. Rachel @ The Ordinary Lovely

    Oh I love this so much. And the little bits of light in the photographs are so beautiful. I’m really not good at placing/styling things. I know what I like but can’t explain why. I’m definitely interested in learning more.

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