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Joules_Vitamin_Sea_picnic_stuffed_rolls Joules_Vitamin_Sea_picnic_stuffed_rolls Joules_Vitamin_Sea_picnic_stuffed_rolls Joules_Vitamin_Sea_picnic_stuffed_rolls Joules_Vitamin_Sea_picnic_stuffed_rolls After my own dose of Vitamin Sea x Joules out on our Instameet recce, Boo & I hit our local beach for a girl’s lunch to make the most of the brief but glorious sunshine that suddenly brightened the last week of the school holidays…although it was a beautiful day, I was mighty glad of having my Seaford Mac, which was just perfect to keep the chill breeze out & enjoy the sun’s warmth.

We kept it nice and simple, filling our coolbag with our favourite crusty rolls, handcooked crisps, tomatoes, fruit, smoothies, & cake (gotta have a bit of cake!) Boo made herself comfortable perched up on the breakwater, while I took the little luxury of relaxing in the sooper pretty floral Lazychair – utter bliss!

So what’s our little trick? So simple…Stuffed Rolls!
Here’s how:
\\ Slice the roll vertically in half & hollow out the middle (save the bread for duck feeding later, or freeze with some grated cheese for a crispy pasta topping).
\\ Spread the hollow with butter & any dressing you like.
\\ Layer & stuff with your choice of fillings (honey wafer ham, mayo, tomato & lettuce is my favourite for these!)

And that’s it…what I like, especially for the beach, is the filling doesn’t tend to spill out, so less risk of hitting the sand!

We ended up in fits of giggles as Boo’s front tooth is wobbly, and I have to be really careful of crusty bread due to my brace, so we made a right old pair making our way through our rolls (can’t resist it though!)

Boo’s getting more & more interested in photography of late, so I (somewhat nervously) let her have a little play with my camera – she got some fun shots in the end, even if she filled my card with over-clicks – then we ended up with our traditional stone throwing session before heading homewards.

A short & sweet trip out, but one that once again, reminded me I need to get myself back out more!

Have you tried stuffed rolls before – any filling suggestions? Do you have any other picnic favourites?


Disclosure: This post is written in collaboration with Joules. Images, opinion & context is my own.

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