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I had a Winter Gathering in 2016, complete with a hot chocolate bar (really wish I’d taken photos!) for which I bought hot chocolate spoons like these, and I’ve been meaning to try making my own ever since!

They are so easy to do…simply melt your chocolate of choice, pour into large silicone ice-cube moulds & pop in a mini wooden spoon before leaving in the fridge to chill…

Once the hot chocolate spoons have hardened, heat some milk & froth it up before adding to your cup of choice. (I am obsessed with frothing gadgets at the moment and am in love with my Dualit Frother  but a frother wand or even a mini whisk works great too (The Range is also a good place to check out)).

Add a shot of your favourite rum. Mine is Kraken Black Spiced Rum, which has an extra warmth & flavour to it…

Add a sprinkle of grated chocolate & stir through your hot chocolate spoon.

Enjoy, with a nice slice of cake by the fire!

These hot chocolate spoons are super easy to keep in the fridge. They’d make a perfect treat to take out with a flask of hot milk to sip from enamelware in the wilds or around the campfire. Do let me know if you give them try!

SarahLou x

Always Drink Responsibly.

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