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Sofa_The_Lounge_Co_Pinterest Ah Pinterest. How we love you, with your bright images & endless home inspiration…

But sometimes, whilst you may love the look of an interior, it can be really hard to work out how you might translate that style into your own home. It can be especially hard if you don’t even know where to start sourcing those items that seem to be a key element to the mood of a room, without creating something that feels like an exact replica of someone else’s space.

I always think that if there’s one thing that’s going to make a statement, it’s got to be the sofa – shape, style, colour, finish, comfort – after all it’s usually the biggest investment in a lounge & you want it to reflect your style, whilst ticking all the boxes.

British designed & made, The Lounge Co. has 24 pieces to suit every taste, with a wide selection of colours and fabrics, and at great value too! If you prefer to try out your sofa before you buy (I certainly do!) they also have 21 galleries around the UK, where you can test out the comfort for yourself.
I’ve picked out just a few examples to show you how colour needn’t be scary, how fabric choice makes all the difference, and how to create 4 very different looks with just a few key additions (hopefully, that won’t break the budget either!)…

loungeco_georgia_sofa_burnt_orchid Main Image VIA | Georgia 3 Seater Sofa in Burnt Orchid Crushed Velvet w. Walnut Feet £1149 – The Lounge Co. \\ Persian Cowhide Rug £688 – Rockett St George \\ White Brick Wall Mural £25/m² – \\ Rope Pot Holder £41 – Out There Interiors


This room has a lovely bohemian yet industrial vibe. It’s main attraction is (of course) the marsala sofa and the whites are far from boring with lots of textural variety.

The Georgia Sofa from The Lounge Co. has a very similar shape and, in this opulent Burnt Orchid Crushed Velvet, it brings luxurious texture, colour and style.

We can’t all have gorgeous old brick walls, so why not fake it with a mural. Add living botanicals to help make the room feel less clinical, and try a hanging tungsten lamp to add warmth to darker corners.


loungeco_mallory_sofa_beanstalkvelvet Main Image VIA | Mallory 2.5 Seater Sofa in Bean Stalk Velvet w. Walnut Feet £1249 – The Lounge Co. \\ Vase of Flowers by de Heem Mural £25/m² – \\ Wooden Tripod Lamp £190 – Out There Interiors

MODERN VINTAGE (under £2000)

Though gorgeous, this room snippet suggests vast proportions that aren’t of the everyday…

To get the vibe, the Lounge Co. Mallory Sofa in Bean Stalk Velvet would look amazing against this Art Mural from (links above).

A vintage style tripod lamp would work great to bring a similar modern vintage feel to your home, without the need for grand scales.


Main Image VIA Main Image VIA | Phoebe 3 Seater Sofa in Fox Glove Tweedy Weave w. Walnut Feet £1049 – The Lounge Co. \\ Starky Statement Chandelier £149 – \\ Vintage Rattan Chair €160 – Atelier du Petit Parc

DARK & DRAMATIC (under £1500)

This look isn’t for the faint hearted, but equally, it’s not one to be afraid of trying – after all, the main effect of the drama here is created by the dark wall paint (try Farrow & Ball’s Off Black) and can always be painted out if you really had to.

The Chandelier adds a lux effect which, while beautiful, may not work in every space, particularly those without Victorian ceiling heights. I’d suggest the Starky Statement Chandelier instead – simple yet elegant, it will add that touch of WOW without being overbearing.

With the Lounge Co. Phoebe 3 Seater in Fox Glove Tweedy Weave, and very simple, clean accessorising; I think this look is actually very achievable with a more down to earth cosy feel for everyday living.


loungeco_poppy_sofa_midnight_indigo_velvet Main Image VIA | Poppy 2 Seater Sofa in Midnight Indigo Velvet w. Washed Oak Feet £899 – The Lounge Co. \\ Mid-Century Overarching Wall Sconce £229 – West Elm \\ Niklaus Occasional Table £149 – La Redoute

MID-CENTURY COOL (under £1500)

This is my favourite room – I love the blend of natural shapes & texture, the colours, and the mid-century vibe it’s got going on!

For a similar look, try the Poppy two-seater in Midnight Indigo Velvet with Vintage Oak feet from the Lounge Co. and combine it with this gorgeous mid-century wall sconce from West Elm.

The natural shape and mid-century leg styling of the Niklaus table brings together the final elements for the basis of this style.


So there’s the basics and where to find them, all you need to do now is incorporate your personal final touches to give your space your own story. Which will you choose?

For more inspiration, visit The Lounge Co. on Pinterest


This post is sponsored by The Lounge Co.
Concept, words, graphic layout, and opinion my own. Please see below images for links.

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  1. Lori

    This is fab and I’m loving that you can shop a huge aray of design and love your collections! Mid-century for me please all the way x

  2. Lottie | Oyster & Pearl

    Wow! That flower mural is astounding but I think I love the pink and black room most of all. Gorgeous!

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