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my smugshelfie cafe smug cafe smug shelfie breakfast bloggers at cafe smug Tiff Grant-Riley smugshelfie detail I had a rather sooper invite from Tiff (Curate&Display) who asked me, along with several others, to take part in a little shelf styling fun at Smug in Islington, London (in case you’ve not come across Smug yet; it’s the most beautifully curated homewares & lifestyle store run by Lizzie Evans ~ it’s been on my list to visit for ages, but don’t look, everything’s too gorgeous!)

After a welcome cuppa & tasty treats from the cafe, our task was to choose items from the store and style a shelf any way we pleased. So with no further encouragement to seek out some props required; away we went.

In the end, I went for a “Slow Sunday Morning” story…you know, those easy mornings when you can take your time over a long brew, and relax with a favourite read & a notebook in bed (never happens to me either, but still dreaming!)

My absolute favourite pieces were the Lenneke Wispelwey ceramics & the origami diamond by Origami Est. I also loved this tea towel by Thornback & Peel, and this plate by Louise Wilkinson. I included some of my favourite reads (Frankie & Kinfolk (tucked underneath)) & a gorgeous journal from RiflePaperCo. Wish I could’ve taken it all home with me, but pennies only stretched to a copy of Kinfolk for the train home this time.

Below are the gorgeous collections everyone else brought together for their shelf styling…I love how they’re all so thoughtful & individual:
shelfie montage 2

clockwise from top left:
\\ Kate | fabric of my life
\ Lori | wild & grizzly
\\ Amy | daisy fay+RumourPR
\\ Josephine | courage & dash
\\ Ruth | the planned adventure
\\ Lucy | decorenvy
\\ Lottie | Lotts & Lots
\ Sammi | made by molu

OK, so we don’t all have access to quite such a selection of gorgeous items to play with, but it just goes to show; the most important thing to think about when styling your own home, is that it’s all about personal taste; using pieces that catch you in some way & are personal to you, editing your selection, & having the confidence to give it a go.


PS if you fancy seeing more, you can search #smugshelfie on social media. I also made a little video from our morning which you can see here (look out for the Christmas stock sneaky peek)…

SmugShelfie from Sarah-Louise Kimmer on Vimeo.

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