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weaving by Allessandra Taccia Alessandra Taccia

starting-a-lap-loom-weave-lapinblu lap-loom-weaving-lapinblu You know those things you see on Pinterest that you swoon over and think, “I’d love to do that”, but they sit on your boards & time escapes you, so you just continue to swoon over more?…well, weaving is one of those things for me…

Having dabbled with bead and loom weaving as a young teen, I was excited to revisit this craft…I bought a loom at Christmas time, but it came with no instruction whatsoever, I don’tremember much from early forays, and despite my best intentions, I didn’t really have time to start something new, so it got put away…I asked Lucy at Peas & Needles about how to get started a month or two later…she was very helpful, but it stayed put away ~ I’d lost the ooomph again…and then finally, feeling like I needed a creative interlude from crochet last week, I got out my loom and some yarns and had a play…

It’s really hard to find tutorials for this specific loom (if you know of one, do share), so I kind of made it up as I went along based on videos for other kinds…I don’t think it’s right but it’s a start…and yes, I’m most definitely smitten once again!

Have you got anything you really want to have a go at, or crafts you’d like to revisit?

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  1. charmaine

    oh it’s beautiful, I love the colour choices and the loops of yarn on the side. Weaving is on my to-do list as well, though I’m thinking of weaving in-between a couple of branches instead of on a loom… we’ll see if that ever materialises! x

  2. anthea

    I remember playing with a loom just like this as a child, I’d love to have a go again! I live the colours you are working with and look forward to seeing it completed 🙂 xx

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