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Dot Fox Print Shop Dot Fox Print Shop Dot Fox Print Shop FERN #1 'A3 Print' Joanna Brown Dot&Fox I’ve been stumbling across so much lovely of late! A favourite discovery (via the gorgeous retrEAT// blog by Emma Gutteridge – also smitten!) is the ethereal work of Joanna Brown.

Wedding photographer by trade, Joanna is also, owner/artist at Dot & Fox Print shop. Joanna uses her photographic artistry to create stunning floral & botanical prints and large scale posters that will simply enchant you. It’s almost impossible not to feel as though you could magically step straight into each image and fall into the billowy petals of the blooms, surrounded by delicious colour & scent, not unlike Alice in Wonderland.

Joanna was inspired to start this endeavour by her children, after the heartbreaking loss of their daughter, Dot (read her story here). A purist at heart, with a firm belief in craftmanship, Joanna is inspired by the natural beauty of her immediate surroundings. She shoots on “good old fashioned film” for the prints & posters that adorn the online walls of her shop; a celebration of the later arrival of her son, Fox, and the culmination of a journey to move forward.
Now, ready for growth, Joanna is continually adding to the collection as she walks, explores & shoots her locality with Fox in tow. She will be adding further work in collaboration with other artists & photographers soon. I am utterly smitten, and can’t wait to see more…

Joanna’s strength & attitude, as well as her style & beautiful photography is so incredibly inspiring to me. I was totally seduced by ‘Life is a Bed of Roses’ (4th image) which now hangs in my studio. It has a way of making my heart glow, and I can indeed occasionally be found drifting in wonderland as I gaze at it in quieter moments – a photo that gets you like that? Now, THAT’s talent.

If you buy one print this year, I urge you to take a look at Joanna’s work first – it will look wonderful on that wall of yours – which will you choose? 5% of all proceeds go to Tommy’s, a charity researching and providing information on miscarriage, still life and premature birth.

Dot & Fox Print Shop
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Images for this post used with kind permission – copyright: Joanna Brown

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