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sisterhood camp may be over but the connections & memories live on

“Important encounters are planned by the souls long before the bodies see each other” – Paulo Coelho

I think I’ve said this many many times before, but the best thing about my online creative journey has, by far and away, been the folk that it’s brought into my life. Bright, intelligent, kind, creative and inspiring people, both online & offscreen.

But all too often, the only opportunity to meet up is at an event, and though they’re great and all that, (and don’t get me wrong, I appreciate them in their way); they’re more about whatever you’re there to hear about, and always far too brief. The dash home for the train pulling us back to our homes and families all too soon, before there’s been any chance for the conversation to drift and wander any deeper.

Last year, as the months were slowly turning cool and mellow and the Summer was drifting into Autumn, I expressed this frustration to Lou, and with my thoughts drifting too, to the warmth of the following year, I talked dreamily of my plans for camps and gatherings…

So you can imagine my delight when an invite for Sisterhood camp – a whole weekend of days spent under the wide open skies of North Devon – popped into my inbox earlier this year; proper time with wonderful womenfolk…time spent making & talking of our real lives, sharing plans & dreams, feasting & sleeping under the stars  – a no brainer really…

And so it was at the end of May, that I arrived, nervous and excited, at Loveland Farm with my roadtrip sisters – Melanie, Karen & Caroline, to join JeskaHannah, Xanthe, Heather, KatyAlexis, KerryEmma, Laura, Sara, FrancescaEmma, HannahLouiseKat, Camilla, Bethan, Flora, HelsAmy, and of course, the star that brought us all together in sisterhood, Lou.

It really all felt like a dream. One that had me floating and unable to focus for days after we returned home. I needed that break away, and really the most wonderful thing was the conversation and laughter…the feeling of bonds being strengthened and begun, the meeting of souls…and of knowing that so many of us were pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones to be there, but we were, and it was worth it.

Other highlights of Sisterhood camp included:

\\ watching Xanthe capture the inner beauty of these women in the glow of the Golden Hour
\\ a little escape to the lighthouse with Caroline
\\ learning Shibori techniques & dyeing with Bethan & Heather
\\ the clifftop picnic, with the serendipitous arrival of folk duo, Woof & Wilde
\\ walking & talking our way to the waterfall with Flora, Alexis, Camilla & Melanie (I wish I’d had my swimsuit…I will go back!)
\\ gathering in style thanks to Hannah (and helpers), and the most delicious Moroccan feast from Two Birds Kitchen

The weekend was made beautiful in decor by Lights4funLinen Me and Church Park Flowers (who also ran the flower crown making workshop). A huge thanks to TOAST who provided beautiful props & gifts; to Loveland Farm for hosting us in their wonderful eco-pods; and also to Emma of Silverpebble, who sent us the most perfect foragers necklaces. Thanks to Golden Bear Belts who ran the Leather workshop (which I sadly missed), and to Devon Woodcraft who built the hot tub which resulted in squeals and peels of laughter ringing across the darkened fields of Devon ;0) And, most of all, thank you to Lou, for making my dreams come true.

My only regret was that I didn’t take many photos. It has been good for me to put the lens down in the moment of late, but equally, it is on my return that I wish I had captured more than what lies in my phone. Yet, so it is that I leave you with my Sisterhood camp iPhonography tale from StellerStories, and a few of my favourite captures by the immense photographic talent of Xanthe Berkley (you can also catch up on IG with our shares at #sisterhoodwithtoast & #sisterhoodatloveland)…

image by xantheberkeley - sistehood camp 2015 lapinblu & lionheart xantheberkeley_sisterhood_48_sisterhood camp xantheberkeley_sisterhood_131_sisterhood camp Hannah Bullivant xantheberkeley_sisterhood_140_sisterhood camp xantheberkeley_sisterhood_159_sisterhood camp image by xantheberkeley_sisterhood camp - shibori dyeing with Heather & Bethan xantheberkeley_sisterhood camp_208 image by xantheberkeley - sisterhood camp 2015 lapinblu & geoffrey&grace image by xantheberkeley - sisterhood camp 2015 Woof & Wilde xantheberkeley_sisterhood_camp_308a Heather Young - Growing Spaces xantheberkeley_sisterhood_camp_379


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  1. Jeska

    Beautiful post, love your Steller story and Xanthe’s pictures are indeed amazing.

    Hopefully we will be able to share more long and inspiring days, have a lovely weekend x

  2. Janice Issitt

    Beautiful photos, all of you made it look so idyllic and I expect it was too. Very dreamy. Sorry we didn’t get to talk at the weekend, my head got fried very early on and I become face blind. Hope to catch you again another time.

  3. Alexis

    Oh it was so fun! I’m really behind in updating my blog about it! Hope you are well and fingers crossed might see you at blognic next weekend. A x

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