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FAFeast_SLKimmer_lapinblu-21 For a wild, foraged, fresh and seasonal feast, you couldn’t bring together more of a dream team than James Fowler (The LarderHouse), James Golding (Chef Director at The Pig), and Damian Clisby (Head Chef at Petersham Nurseries). And that is precisely what Fore//Adventure did for their latest Seasonal Feast celebrating Summer’s End… FAFeast_SLKimmer_lapinblu-28

As I arrived, the boys were fresh in from land & sea foraging adventures – gathering their ingredients for a simple supper under the open skies. From the days’ mackerel catch, to sea veg, samphire & wild fennel, you can’t get much fresher than that really can you?!

In true British Summer style, the table was laid with grit amidst a sharp downpouring. But as the canopy went up; flickering tea lights & lanterns were lit, wild garden flowers, foraged herbs (fennel, lavender & rosemary), and ferns lined the tables, and the intimate scene was set as guests began to gather. The rain turned to mizzle, the fire was lit, and the air filled with hazy woodsmoke and comfortable conversation. An atmosphere made cosy & muffled by damp glistening greenery, the incoming stillness of a soft grey sea, and the low misty clouds around us.
Middle Beach, Studland Bay FAFeast_SLKimmer_lapinblu-1 FAFeast_SLKimmer_lapinblu-11 FAFeast_SLKimmer_lapinblu-27 FAFeast_SLKimmer_lapinblu-24 FAFeast_SLKimmer_lapinblu-22 With welcomes from Dan, cocktails from James F, and a little background on the provenance of the menu from James G, we settled into an evening filled with good food & good folk. An evening that epitomised, not only the bounty of all that is at our fingertips in our natural surroundings, but the passions of each individual involved. Their willingness to share & combine their knowledge & expertise, and to create a truly immersive (and a little bit magical) experience…

wild salad with orache, marigold petals & bramble berry dressing

pickled samphire & sea veg. with wild fennel flower dressing

set with Irish moss seaweed & yoghurt cream

Created by James Golding (Chef Director at The Pig Hotel) & Damian Clisby (Head Chef at Petersham Nurseries)

by James Fowler – The LarderHouse
FAFeast_SLKimmer_lapinblu-18 FAFeast_SLKimmer_lapinblu-17 FAFeast_SLKimmer_lapinblu-20 FAFeast_SLKimmer_lapinblu-29a FAFeast_SLKimmer_lapinblu-29

seasonal feast - fore//adventure - lapinblu.com

FAFeast_SLKimmer_lapinblu-30 FAFeast_SLKimmer_lapinblu-31

The evening was over all to soon for me, but fortunately, Fore\\Adventure create private bespoke events like these for celebrations or team experiences, as well as hosting a seasonal feast four times per year. You can be the first to hear of upcoming dates by signing up to their newsletter at the bottom of their homepage. I cannot wait for the Winter feast! x

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