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scrap-yarn-wool-crochet-granny-square-blanket scrap-wool-yarn-ball scarp-yarn-crochet-granny-squares scrap-wool-granny-squares scrap-wool-yarn-crochet-granny-square-blanket I had a MAJOR sort of my studio cupboard the other week, finally getting some proper shelves sorted, & now I can actually reach things without having to pull the entire contents out first ~ whoop!

I found various trial pieces and experimental projects that I’d completely forgotten about, so I set them aside to make something new…there’s a really fun crochet term for ripping out the old which always make me smile ~ it’s called ‘frogging’ (because you rip it, rip it, rip it!)

I was surprised by just how much yarn I’d used ~ yup, that whole big ol’ ball up there was just sitting around doing nothing! So, I’m making a scrap crochet blanket with mixed granny square sizes. I love how the colours muddle up at random by just tying the scraps together and plan to leave the ends & knots showing as I think it adds to the scr’happy.

What do you think?

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  1. Kath

    That looks soooooo beautiful! I love it! Great idea, I’m getting on this soon- my scrap jar is getting out of control!

  2. Carmen

    Such a cute idea! My scrap jar is almost always empty, haha, I make a lot of tiny amigurumi that need to be stuffed, and I find the scraps perfect for stuffing them! xx

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