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Between celebrations and gatherings, I’ve been in a reflective mood as befits the ringing in of a New Year. I don’t make specific resolutions any longer, but find the calmer period useful in considering successes, adventures made, things on which I may wish to reach harder for or improve, and the lessons I have learnt along the journey.

“Nurture” was my guiding word for 2014 and, despite some quietly dark points, it’s been a hugely positive year for me, and for the first in a long time, I’ve entered a new year feeling strong and confident (as opposed to with trepidation & like I just about survived the last one!)
I have two guiding words for 2015, “Explore” & “Intention”…I have the intention to explore, and to explore my intentions.

How do you feel about the last year? Sometimes we believe it’s better to look forward than back, particularly when it’s been a tough year, but these 50 questions may help you find more positives than you thought, and to reflect, appreciate and get excited for 2015

Will you have a guiding word, or do make resolutions? x

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  1. Tiffany @Curate & Display

    Happy New Year blogging buddy! I haven’t set resolutions for years now, I prefer to stick to working towards simple goals or building on what I’ve learnt the previous year. That said, I’m focusing on a saying this year-Guts Over Fear. Seems to be the one thing that holds me back, that tiny little whisper that tells me “I can’t do that” or “maybe wait until later for that one”. Not anymore. So looking forward to kicking some ass this year with you! x

  2. Rachel @ The Ordinary Lovely

    Beautifully put. I haven’t given resolutions much thought. Last year was all about settling back in to life in the UK after seven years abroad and I think we’ve only just about found our feet. I tried to carve out moments for myself amidst the chaos but it was hard. Maybe this year, I’ll find a little more time.

    1. sarah-lou - Post author

      It takes time to adjust to changes & so important to allow it for yourself…I’m glad you’ve found your grounding. Have a wonderful 2015 lovely x

  3. Katie

    Great post, the picture is amazing. I’ve never tried having a guiding word before but I like the idea, and I’m in a similar situation of finally starting a year feeling positive rather than relieved! x

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