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Rebekah Gough Wild & Free gold necklace_SarahLou Francis_LapinBlu

Rebekah Gough Mama Bear necklace_SarahLou Francis_LapinBlu

Rebekah Gough Mama Bear shirt_SarahLou Francis_LapinBlu When my girl was born, we called her ‘Bootle Bear’ before it got shortened to Boo…We used to joke about being the three bears, and whilst we might not be the three we were, I’ll always hold the roar of a Mama Bear!

As you know, I’m always fascinated with the stories behind independent creatives, so reading Rebekah’s post on how the original Mama Bear necklace came about during a particularly rough time in her journey through motherhood is both poignant & wonderful. (Take a read here.)

So you can understand why I’m pretty smitten with Rebekah’s Mama Bear range which allows me to wear my heart on my sleeve, loud & proud! I’ve been incredibly lucky to have been gifted the rose gold necklace from Boo for Mother’s Day, and the gold from my dearest friend for my birthday: so the silver from Rebekah rounded out the collection for any occasion perfectly!

Based in Seattle, Rebekah is a self taught wire jewellery artist and mother of four young kids. As well as the online store, she blogs over at about her life & loves, all captured in her own beautiful photography.

But it’s her new range of T’s I wanted to share with you today…
In both long and short sleeve styles by American Apparel, the Mama Bear T is super soft & comfy. I chose the long sleeve as it’s more practical for a chilly person in the UK, and it’s just so lovely to wear! I’d definitely suggest going up a size if you don’t like too snug a fit – mine is a medium, and I’d say it’s perfect (I’m usually a 6-8uk size, if that helps!)

And on to the best bit (and abit of a teaser, but)…keep an eye out this week over on my IG feed as Rebekah & I have teamed up for a fab giveaway for #fridayfacelessportrait where you can get your own Mama Bear T – whoop!

In the meantime, go find Rebekah over on:

Instagram @rebekahgoughjewelry
Twitter @orange_poppy
Facebook (A Bit of Sunshine)

Which is your favourite piece? x

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