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chilled And so we rolled into August and a Mama’s week with the kids at a friend’s villa in Portugal. Totally relaxing; not trying to do too much, and just letting the kids hang out together by the pool & around the villa. We had a really great fun night eating out & wondering the town of Albufeira (maybe even a cocktail!), but otherwise, it was mainly good, simple food at the house, thoughtful conversation, early nights, and (thanks to our ex-rep guide mama, Julie) had THE most amazing piri-piri chicken & tomato salad at O Teodósio Rei dos Frangos restaurant, in Guia. I literally threatened an entire post just on the chicken, it was so good. I won’t though (but, did I say it was A.Maze.ING!)

And that about catches us all up to Just So Festival 2015. I’ll save that for the next post as I get back into the groove, but you can see our tribal preparations here.

This brings me to the end of my Summer Postcards, click to go back to #01 #02 #03…I truly hope you’ve good times this Summer. What’s been your highlight? x

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  1. Emma

    It sounds like you have had some wonderful adventures over the summer, I feel a little bit jealous of your travels.

    Beautiful photos too, thanks for sharing x

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