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summer_catchup_lapinblu_SLKimmer Summer is drawing herself in, giving way to chilly, damp mornings, leaves slowly curling – turning towards ochres & russets, and darker evenings calling for wrappings & layers. This time of year plays a little game of havoc with my internal clocks & guages, but I’m forcing myself to refocus & get my sh*t together. Starting with this space.

It’s been a rather unexpectedly long time, hasn’t it? Sorry about that.
It’s kind of perceived as abit of a blogging no-no to take a break without warning. But, I’m a believer in slow-blogging, and sometimes, life outside this space has to come first. Occasionally, (and an idea apparently newer to me than I thought) I have to come first.

There are all sorts of things that I meant to write a post about in the last few months. I either didn’t quite get to it, didn’t quite get enough shots (because sometimes, I just wasn’t really ‘all in’ in that moment, and sometimes, I’ve just been abit hard on my own photography), or I couldn’t quite think what or how to write…actually, sometimes, I just couldn’t think at all.

It’s the hardest thing to write the first post when you’ve had an unexpectedly long break combined with a dollop of creative block…where should I begin? Well, short & sweet might be my answer…or maybe not! So, I decided to gather some of my favourite few images from what I did take with words that I hope give you a snapshot. I’ve ended up spreading these across four posts with a little info if you’re curious to find out more. A little random perhaps, but please do forgive a wobbly restart x

So hello folks, I hope you’ve had a great Summer! Let’s catch up shall we…
Marte Marie Forsberg Blogtacular Styling Session Peonies_Dark&Moody_lapinblu_SLKimmer
So it’s June, and Blogtacular happened first I think. It was a manic, non-stop weekend in the big smoke, full of learning, inspiration, & (as always) all too brief a time spent with creative folks who get it.
I loved the talks by Grace Bonney (on feeling the fear & doing it anyway) & Marie Forsberg (on finding your creative inspiration and styling). Following on from Marie’s styling session, IG followers will no doubt have noticed I’ve been drawn to a more dark & moody vibe of late, and I’m really enjoying exploring that.

EarlyBird tickets for Blogtacular are out now, plus check out the exclusive details for the screening of Made You Look – A film about creativity in the digital age …if the trailer was anything to go by, this will be well worth viewing).

If you’re interested in Marie’s work & want to develop your own skills, you may enjoy one of her retreats, or, you could sign up for her Lifestyle Photography Class on Skillshare.

Of course, you can find Grace over on Design*Sponge, but do check out her podcast, After the Jump, too. It’s one of my regulars, & I often go back to episodes when I need a reminder or boost on hurdles I’m struggling to jump.

(PS. The day after Blogtacular, I also popped by the first UK Steller meet up (totally in love with Steller Stories), and The Makery in John Lewis Oxford, which was where I learnt to make these – I think I needed a week to recover from that weekend!)

modern & contemporary british art by Rob Lyon I had the absolute pleasure of a chance encounter, when I struck up conversation with Claire on another train home from London…

Claire had sheets (and sheets!) of paper with interiors images printed across them and of course my curiosity was piqued. After about 15 minutes of daring myself, I started asking questions…
Amongst the fact that Claire & her husband are actually doing up their new home relatively nearby (hence the print outs – “he needs showing, or just can’t see it!”), I discovered that not only is she a very talented lady (filling an online store in her spare time), but her husband, Rob, is an incredible artist (as well as a lawyer!)

I felt privileged to be invited to see Rob’s work up close amongst other artists exhibited in the Traces of Places show at a new local gallery earlier in the Summer. I’m not an expert art reviewer so I shan’t speak eloquently on the ins & outs, but I know what I like. You can probably guess that aside from the fact that there are many Sussex landscapes, the colours of Rob’s palettes & style of hand had me hooked.

So next time you want to ask that question to a stranger…just do it. Who knows what you’ll discover!

Rob Lyon | Pride in Proper | Candida Stevens Fine Art

DIY potato printed table runner lapinblu Speaking of creativity…I was commissioned for a DIY over on Design*Sponge which was a pretty exciting experience, if a little daunting. The request was for a printed table runner, so I submitted this simple, but really quite effective potato print DIY. It’s lasted through a good few washes now too, which is always good to know! You can find the details here.

The request came via regular DS contributor, Fran, of Fall for DIY. If you have a love of handmade or fancy stretching your creative wings, you should definitely take a peek at her new venture with We Make Collective – Brilliant!

Postcards_Summer_LapinBlu-5 Postcards_Summer_LapinBlu-7 Postcards_Summer_LapinBlu-8 Postcards_Summer_LapinBlu-9 And speaking of community, it was a pleasure to join Ruth on a second Gathered Cheer social. I’d managed to squeeze into the Hastings tour with Jeska, which was a really fun day out with the girls (read more over at Katy’s blog). And as it was so nearby, also booked this one in Brighton, hosted by the lovely Emma from A Quiet Style.

We had a really relaxed and lovely day wondering between Igigi General Store in Hove, along the sea front, and up through the lanes in Brighton via some of Emma’s favourite shops, before having lunch at Silo, which is somewhere I will definitely be revisiting.

If you’re interested in a really informal & fun day, exploring somewhere new with good folks & good conversation, keep an eye on Ruth’s event page, or perhaps suggest hosting a gathering in your own town – she’s always up for ideas.

Doesn’t June feel such a long time ago already?

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