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easter-diy-pompom-bunnies miss bunny pompom DIY pompom bunnies DIy pompom bunnies DIY pompom bunnies DIY pompom bunnies eeeep! Completely excited about my first ever guest post, particularly since it’s for the very lovely Fritha Strickland over at Tigerlilly Quinn; a blog I’ve very much enjoyed reading since discovering after falling down the blog rabbit hole some while back…

I was playing with ideas for Easter decorations and had just come up with these DIY pompom bunnies when Fritha emailed me, so it was perfect timing to be able to share. I had such a great morning making them all up, and I might even be making friends with my Big Cam again (she’s on a short warning though!) Above are some of my extra shots…

You can read the full DIY post for making Mr Rabbit & his DIY pompom bunnies over there…and if you need one (because who doesn’t – they’re awesome!) you can get the clover pompom makers from my affiliate store x

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  1. Keri Jones

    We have never decorated for easter before. Our son is at an age now where he is understanding a lot more and he loves seeing things hung up/placed around the house so we will be decorating for easter from now on 🙂

  2. Kathryn

    I don’t usually apart from having lots of spring flowers but I always feel like I should make an effort. We have some paper pompoms that I made up in the kitchen all year round because I loved them so much!

  3. caroline

    Aw these are so sweet, I love their stripey tights! We used to decorate some branches with home made bits but we haven’t done it in a while. xx

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