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top\\via minted, centre left\\redbook, centre right\\topwithcinnamon, bottom left\\kinfolk dinner ~ half girl , bottom right\\ruffled

top\\via minted, centre left\\redbook, centre right\\kinfolk dinner via half girl, bottom left\\topwithcinnamon, bottom right\\ruffled

Our garden is quite large with lots of grass & slightly scrappy shrubs. We have a patio area onto which the kitchen & lounge both open, and a chipped and peeling old table & benches that’s been neglected. We made do with this when we moved in and I’d not intended to do much in the garden this year as I wanted to focus on getting inside sorted and funds are tight…

Then of course as the warmer weather starts to roll around, I remember just how much we like to use our outside space and, despite planning it, we never did have a housewarming last year…rain stopped play…and as you probably know by now, we do like a good gathering! So what better excuse to start thinking about what I could do to give it a spruce without breaking the bank?

I’ve been pinning away to my GARDEN board for a while now…All things dream garden & garden party (and of course found far too many ideas than ever possible!) and since, other than a few seeds I’ve planted, I definitely won’t be touching the green bulk of the garden this year; I thought I’d narrow down all those ideas by thinking firstly about what we love about dining al fresco with friends since that’s really my incentive for getting things done, and maybe share abit of inspiration along the way too…

1\\ ambience…we have your basic practical outdoor lights, but I love the pretty touch and soft glow that globe lights provide
2\\ good food…that’s a given for us. We have a great local farmshop & butcher, so meat is always delicious, but we do tend to end up eating the same thing. This recipe for Korean Bulgogi (and the suggested sides) looks soooo yum…I’m also seriously tempted to try BBQ mussels with lime this year!
3\\ a big table, simply set…I love seeing everyone squished round the table, passing salads & dressings, nattering, laughing and enjoying the food together. Kinfolk dinners are the epitome of my inspiration for this: simple settings, candles & gathered bunches (but I might add a little more colour ;0)
4\\ summer cocktails…I always love the look and sound of fresh summer cocktails and I do think a special drink is always nice to have at a party…I could certainly be tempted by Izy’s Rhubarb, Grapefruit & Thyme (vodka) cocktails (and P.S. I’m in love with this blog ~ she’s 18, doing A~levels and producing her beautiful food blog! uuum wow!)
5\\ floaty decorations…ok, it’s not a necessity for regular outdoor dining, but given the opportunity, abit of bunting, ribbon & pompoms will always make me happy & add to the party vibe ;0)

I find thinking about a specific event really helps focus my (easily distracted) mind and it’s helped me plan what we need, and what we need to DO, to throw a dream garden party…stay tuned x

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