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our-windows-lounge-ikea-blinds Phew, well, my head is practically busting with everything I’m wanting to share after a brief interlude! There’s been such fun & exciting things going on to keep me busy & now Boo is back to school; projects have been completed (briefly), and I’m slowly getting back on top of things…
I’m slightly bewildered as to where to start really, but since a favourite mantra is “Just Start SOMEWHERE“…let’s start here shall we…

Earlier in the year, we finally decided that the best option for the large windows & doors in our lounge was the ENJE anti-glare blinds by Ikea. They’ve been a good choice so far as we can still see through to watch garden goings on, they let light in whilst giving us a feeling of privacy, they do their job in reducing glare on the TV, and they’re not too fussy, which we like alot… 
ikea-enje-anti-glare-blinds-our-house-windows-lapinblu In our previous home, though, we had shutters by Thomas Sanderson in the lounge & our bedroom, which we really loved. I’d so hoped to have them here too one day, but I’d kind of ruled them out as an option in this room because of the double doors.

Well, we certainly won’t be doing anything else immediately, but it’s since discovering they do Full window shutters, it’s definitely opened up more options and given me food for thought, particularly when I found out that Thomas Sanderson actually does a style like this

I also noticed that they’ve teamed up with Fired Earth on shutters & powered blinds for your conservatory which may just come in handy whenever we eventually have our planned pyramid skylight installed in our kitchen (we’re itching to have that one done!)…

What do you think? Are you a blinds, curtains or shutter style person, or do you prefer no window dressing at all?


This post was written in collaboration with Thomas Sanderson Blinds. Overall context, content and views are my own, open and honest. I only ever allow promotional links from companies we/I have used & would recommend, or that we would be happy to use ourselves. If you have any questions or comments regarding promotional posts or links, please drop me a note to lapinblu{at}outlook{dot}com x

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  1. Suzzy

    This looks fab! I have French double-doors x3 sets on the ground floor and might consider shutters for them.

  2. Jen

    Ok I like the shutters and the blinds. But hello sweater! I have jumper envy – where did you get that piece of gorgeousness? x

  3. Cat | The Triple Triangle

    Not a fan of curtains but having some rooms with single glazed original {read draughty} sash windows curtains are our only cheap option. Everywhere else we have Ikea blackout blinds. I much prefer the simplicity. 😉

    I always liked shutters but not sure they fit with our style. 🙁

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