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DSC_0036 DSC_0034 DSC_0041 DSC_0057 What better way to cheer oneself than to spend a little time thinking about someone else?

I’ve been feeling a little glum bum of late ~ a combination of shorter days, far too regular 2am bedtimes catching up, and generally just putting a little too much pressure on myself across all aspects of everything ~ but, at the end of October, I signed up for Oh Comely magazine’s ‘November Care Package Project’, a swap box kinda thing that entailed OC picking you a partner at random, and you posting each other a parcel of goodies to inspire, share and warm up the dark days…

As a guide, we were to include:
// something personal ~ eg. a favourite family recipe, a good book you’ve just finished, a playlist of your favourite music
// an inspiring snippet ~ eg. newspaper clipping, a photo or illustration you love, the lyrics to a song that strike home
// a wintery treat ~ eg. a pair of gloves, your favourite tea, a mini hot-water bottle. The spending guide for each box is £10.

So, I’d been gathering bits and pieces over the weekend, and I took a whole day today (well, at least the oddly never-as-long-as-you-think hours between school drop-off & collection) to immerse myself in the project and create my package for a stranger…

For something personal, I included the recipe for our favourite spicy butternut squash soup. Thick and warming and yummy! I also made up one of my mini jar cosies since that’s what I currently do. I potted it up with a teenie tiny succulent which came from a couple of pots from Grandma’s.

For an inspiring snippet, I included one of my favourite white mini pumpkins for some seasonal decor, and I made a simple yarn wrapped wreath from the wiggly willow in our garden. I also included a rather loverly Alice in Wonderland illustration postcard which I found at the Renegade Craft Fair this weekend as it reminds me of my Ma, and who can fail to take something from Alice?

And my wintery treats? A set of christmas cards, also picked up at Renegade, by a favourite local illustrator of mine, Claire Mundy at Beetle Cherry; my current favourite wintery nail polish – ‘bobbing for baubles’ by Essie; and a scrummy bar of Lindt chocolate that always reminds me of snow, skiing and roaring fires (and hey, chocolate brightens ANY day, right?!)

It was such a wonderful way to take some time out; making and pottering, planting and writing. I feel quite refreshed, and I really so hope she likes her parcel x

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  1. caroline

    Wow what a beautiful package you put together, I’m sure who ever receives it will be delighted! I love your little yarn wrapped wreath and gorgeous mini jar cosie – such pretty colours! Cant wait to see what you get in yours. Xx

  2. Gillian

    What a gorgeous idea. I wish I’d known about it sooner, it’s right up my street! I love what you’ve put together, and your photos are lovely. x

    1. sarah-lou - Post author

      Aw thanks muchly :o) I’m sure they’ll do it again, I was a bit of a late comer to signing up, but heard about it just before it closed x

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