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October favourites item collection October was all about enjoying the golden light & Autumn days; the leaves falling, rich sunsets, making the most of the outdoors, chocolate treats, and, of course, Halloween…
As the nights draw in, I’ve been hoping to read more, so I’ve been stockpiling books that have on my list for far too long. These include (but are not limited to): ‘Authentic’–Professor Stephen Joseph: ‘Braving the Wilderness’–Brené Brown: ‘The Inner Fix’–Persia Lawson & Joanne Bradford: ‘Playing Big’–Tara Mohr: ‘The Universe Has YourBack’–Gabrielle Bernstein. (Sensing a theme here?!)

So far, I’ve started all of them, and then stopped for one reason or another, but each is good enough to continue, which is my aim over the next few months, so I’ll keep you posted on any recommendations… Joules Autumn Wear
If you’ve been reading here awhile, or follow me on instagram, you’ll already know how much I adore Magic Organic Apothecary, especially the Fortifying Green Bath potion as we head towards the winter months. Their latest arrival, the Dreamy Mineral Soak, with lavender, pine, cardamom, himalayan & sea salt, is indeed a dreamy bath-time addition for soaking your cares away. At £25, it sounds alot, but it’s a large helping, with plenty of portions from one bag, so I highly recommend it as a self-care treat (or add it to that Christmas wish list!)
October_Favourites_LapinBlu October, of course, brings with it a turn in the wardrobe, and I am all about cosy knits & boots from now until Spring. I’ve teamed up with Joules for another project (coming soon) for which I chose a few items, and one of my current favourites, is the Tiree Poncho Style Jumper from Joules. It’s lightweight & soft, with a lovely flow that remains flattering, and looks gorgeous paired with skinny jeans & boots. I often opt for Chelsea boots this time of year, but decided to go for these Langham ankle boots instead. I love the small heel & the pops of colour tucked behind the zips at the back of the ankle, and they are soooo comfy, which is always a must. The Darby Saddle Bag is the perfect Autumn accompaniment, with plenty of space for your everyday items, and more besides.

My friend recently got her ears pierced (after much egging on, and she looks a.maze.ing in every pair she wears!) which inspired me to try out a few more daring styles, and I am completely in love in this pair (above) from Mango. They do have some ridiculously out-there earrings, but there is definitely a fun selection to play with if you fancy trying out some new accessories at a reasonable price.
Speaking of accessories (does make-up count as an accessory? I’m gonna count it anyways…) I needed a new mascara as mine had all been skulking around my make-up draw for far too long (6 months is the recommended usage period for mascara, not 18 months, SarahLou!) So, I bought the ‘Wonderfully Real’ by Rimmel…oh.my.life!! It really does do wonders for making your lashes look thick & full & long. I have to be a bit careful once applied as it makes my lashes that much longer that I get imprints on my upper lids if it’s not dried yet, but once it has, I LOVE it. A really good mascara at around £8.

On abit of a whim as it was 3for2 in Superdrug, I also bought Tanya Burr’s illuminating powder in ‘peonies please’, which, to my surprise, has become abit of a make-up staple in my box of tricks. The colour is a soft rosy glow, with a gorgeous sheen to it, which I use as a touch of highlight on the tops of my cheeks and on the brow bone. Not a bad buy for £7.50 at all.
My last accessory in this month’s favourites is this gorgeous little envelope purse (above). This was made up for me by the team at CreateGiftLove whilst I was shooting for them recently. In case you’ve not come across them yet, CreateGiftLove design & handmake a range of products, mostly wood & leather, from their HQ in Dorset. Items can then be personalised for the perfect gift, made & sent with love. All the raw materials are ethically and carefully sourced by owners, Emily & Tony, and seeing the process from design to creation from behind the scenes was a real treat. Do check them out. October_Favourites_LapinBlu
Last up in my monthly favourites, is my new camera baby…I’ve wanted something between my iphone & DSLR for a long time now, and, thanks to a few nice pieces of work, I was finally able to invest.
After alot of research and plenty of advice from Olympus pro, Julia Rebaudo of Stylonylon. I went for the Olympus OM-D E-M10 markIII body, with a 25mm lens. The main feature that works for me is that the camera is wifi enabled, which means that I can control the camera from my phone. Not having an Instagram boyfriend (i.e. anyone to help take pictures), this is a game changer for me, and I’m having alot of fun playing with imagery again. This also means that I can send images directly to my phone to edit on the go, which saves all sorts of time & faffery.
I’m not going to go into all the tech details, but suffice to say, so far, I’m really happy with the image quality, usability, and the pocket size, which means I don’t always need to lug my DSLR around, but can greatly improve on the quality of my iphone. Each has it’s place of course, but this is proving to be an excellent bridge.
I found a really great deal on Amazon at the time of purchase so it’s definitely worth looking around before purchasing, but you can check out the specs & options on the OlympusUK site.

So that was my love list for October…how about you? What have you been loving lately & what should I be trying out next?

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