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As a teen, I would constantly rearrange my bedroom, and I sometimes forget how good a simple switch around can feel. In the pre-Christmas hullabaloo, I spent a happy day having a rejig of rooms & spaces. I felt the need for a refresh, and it feels good.

In the lounge, we had our old sofa, my ercol day-bed, and a couple of Parker Knoll chairs – the sofa was sad & sagging having endured the rigours of early childhood years, and I never really felt like it fitted right – I couldn’t face it any longer, so I took it apart to sit in the garage while I decide what to do with it. In an ideal world, I dream of a large corner sofa for lolling about & snuggling upon, but this may require the departure of the day-bed, which I’m not yet entirely ready to part with!

With the extra space, also came a reduction of seating. Fortunately, Habitat came to the rescue with a pair of their Jed Oak Armchairs. I spent ages faffing about with a new arrangement, but in the end, reverted to the day-bed being in it’s original position, flanked by the Parker Knoll armchairs. The Jed Oak Armchairs are beautiful. I love their simplicity, even in the button detailing, and a nod to mid-century design that ties in well with my current style, but sitting best for us as occasional chairs, they have taken their new residence either side of the logburner.

I also have to mention (because I keep forgetting!) my Lola Donoghue print – it’s not exactly a new addition now, but I adore her work, and if you’ve not come across it – go take a peek.

Boo had taken over the far end of the lounge which meant lego structures, loom bands, and all manner of teenie tiny toy bits tending to spill, well, pretty much everywhere (and driving me nuts!) so, I wanted to reinstate her playroom which was converted to a study earlier in the year. This also involved hauling things to the garage, but overall, was a fairly simple procedure. It’s free’d that whole end space of the lounge up and given her room of her own (it still looks like a lego bomb went off, but at least it’s contained and we don’t argue over the cleanup mission so much!)

I’ve reinstated a desk in the lounge corner at that end. My upstairs studio had become abit of a dumping ground, and this means a simpler, clearer space where I can work. I love looking out across the garden to the fields, and whilst my studio is good for storage, it’s never been the most practical of spaces to actually work in. Plus, the newer desk is a good space for Boo to do her online reading homework where I can keep an eye on her.

And our newest addition? Well, as we were debating on a small person’s Christmas wish (“A cat. Maybe a rabbit, but mostly a cat!”); a strange twist of fate occurred and a lost kitten arrived to stay. Serendipity, one might say…
Meet Tabitha. Sweet, loving, independent, and intensely curious; she has been a great source of joy to us both and settled in most comfortably. No doubt she will feature more here, but if you’re curious, you can follow her story on IG under #tabithatales

Do you like to shift your spaces around? Even it goes back to it’s original placement, I always find it makes a room feel fresh again…try it maybe x


Disclosure: Jed Oak Armchairs c/o Habitat for review. All content, images and opinions are entirely my own.

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  1. Catherine

    SO glad I came to check out this post from Twitter! Recognised the print as an artist I’d seen on a blog years ago and have been trying to find her again recently. Your home is so beautiful x

  2. Lori

    Oh hon! These are gorgeous!! Major swoon and furniture envy. Loving the lounge space and hope you have the most wonderful Christmas, you fully deserve it xxx

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