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Ebonie Allard Misfit to Maven Entrepreneur Enabler Life & Business Coach Ebonie Allard Misfit Mastermind Entrepreneur Enabler I had the most amazing day last week – I want to bottle it and keep it forever!

I came across Ebonie Allard, Entrepreneur Enabler & author of Misfit to Maven, via Hayley Southwood (creator of SouthwoodStores, total babe, & Maven inspiration personified!) Having joined Ebonie’s Misfit Entrepreneur Mastermind group on facebook, I was quickly drawn to her kick-ass attitude & the incredible positive energy she exudes…
(Sidenote: I don’t think I’ve ever sworn here on the blog, but in person, I don’t mind abit of cussing in my expression, so if you’re sensitive to that, tune out now!)

Each week, Ebonie hosts a “Fuck it Friday” conversation, and following one these, I had a one hour phone chat with Ebonie in person. Well, shit me, if she didn’t cut through the words & straight to my core!! Yes, there were tears. I felt vulnerable & laid bare, but relief that finally, FINALLY, I felt like someone heard me. Someone got it. And not only that, that I could trust this person to help guide me towards getting my own shit together. To doing it by myself, for myself, but to offer support while I get going. Ebonie agreed to work with me (because she has to feel a client ‘fit’ as much as the client does), & we discussed the best options from her various packages.

To kick things off, I wanted to benefit from really nailing things, particularly limiting beliefs I tend to hold, and also working on moving forward with plans I’ve been slowly working on.
So last Wednesday, I had my ‘Accelerator’ day. A whole day sat in a cafe in Arundel with Ebonie on a one-to-one basis.
We worked through where I was at & where I wanted to be. Defined values & constructed my personal ‘Value Filter’ (a unique system developed by Ebonie to help guide your own decision making). And we worked out a manageable map for making things happen – something I’d been completely paralysed with. There were more tears that day, but in an incredibly cathartic way, and I came away feeling a mental shift – I felt empowered, excited, more accepting of where & who I am, and have a new kind of energy, which was exactly what I wanted to be feeling.

I’m signing up for the Misfit to Maven in 80 Days next. This provides the support & encouragement of working with a group in the same position as yourself, as well as benefitting from additional support & resources directly from Ebonie – Win Win!

And speaking of winning, yes, this stuff costs, but I see it as an investment in myself, my future, & my business. However, Ebonie is currently giving away an incredible Misfit to Maven scholarship – entries close on Monday 3rd May at 8am UTC so get in there quick!

I totally get that contemplating spends like this is a big deal, but seriously, I can’t recommend it enough. If you’re curious but a course just isn’t for you right now, then get the book! Misfit to Maven, The story of Argh to Ahhh, follows Ebonie’s own journey & shares the lessons she’s learnt to help you listen & trust yourself implicitly…

“A practical and inspiring book for misfit business rebels. Misfit to Maven is more sex, drugs and misadventure than other business books – reminding us all how extraordinary we can be, it will leave you inspired and ready to build a life as extraordinary as you are, that feels as good on the inside as it looks from the outside.” – Amazon

Find out more about Ebonie’s methods & how you can work with her over on EntrepreneurEnabler.com…what’s holding you back?

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