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merry & bright christmas hanging wreath centrepiece ~
You will need... To make this natural christmas decor centrepiece, you will need:
// florist ring (or embroidery hoop/similar)
// wire
// scissors
// greenery
// yarn
// pompom maker (2 sizes) (you can make your own with card or use one like this)
(I didn’t use the floristry tape, but it sometimes comes in handy, and you could use baubles instead of pompoms if you preferred)
wreath layout ~ 1// cut your greenery into pieces suitable to the size of your hoop and lay them out roughly, overlaying each piece so it will cover the ends neatly
attach greenery to hoop with wire ~ 2// attach each piece of greenery to the hoop securely by wrapping the wire around both the hoop and the branch
DSC_0027 3// cut three pieces of the wire of equal length, and long enough for the height you wish to hang your wreath. (Because mine is going over the Christmas table and it wasn’t pretty or full on the back, I wanted it quite high, so my wires were about 50cm) Attach the wire to the hoop at equal intervals and then gather the ends over the centre of the hoop, pulling them upwards…
twist wire together to form a hanging loop ~ 4// as you pull the wires up, lift wreath to check it’s level, then resting it back down, twist the three strands of wire together and into a loop for hanging
simple hanging christmas wreath ~ 5// hang up in your chosen space (I used a self screwing hook in the ceiling above the table) I kind of liked this as is, but I also wanted to add some pops of colour to fit in with my merry & bright theme this year…
add pompoms to simple christmas wreath ~ 6// so…make pompoms in your chosen colours and tie to the hoop (or tie on your baubles if you’re using them instead) and voila! A simple, merry and bright centrepiece that leaves plenty of room for the food… simple hanging christmas pompom centrepiece wreath ~ You could, of course, add more decorations or pompoms, it’s up to you ~ I remembered I’d picked up this set of ‘noel’ letters in hobbycraft recently and decided they’d be perfect to finish of my wreath, but experiment and have lots of fun making it your own. x

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