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Back in October, alongside feeling frustrated with elements of my studio (the doors, the shelves, the muddle!) I recently had to admit that our current guest sleeping solutions were not really cutting it…My poor Mum usually has to clamber up into Boo’s midi-bed, and I nearly caused permanent damage to my Dad’s back with a precarious construction of lilo, mattress topper & camp roll, all piled onto a pull out underbed…it looked really comfy! He was very polite about the whole thing…

Enough was enough…with our Halloween party & weekend guests due, it was time to have a sort & shuffle, freshen up, & try to find something that I’d be happy to have in the studio & would double as a comfy bed for guests to sleep on.

I didn’t want to loose too much space, & it needed to be as flexible as possible, as well as looking good. After fairly extensive searching, I’d pretty much given up, so when I came across the Loaf daybed selection, I got abit excited (probably more than was actually necessary!) Then I realised that we couldn’t really afford it, despite being pointed in the direction of a particular tumeric velvet Dusk Daybed in the sale…we really need a new oven which a small bonus was going towards, but I’d fallen hard, and after some discussion, we decided that we definitely needed something for guests & we actually both really liked it, so we went for it.

It took me around a week to get everything sorted & painted, and I admit I was totally fed up by the time it got to the daybed delivery day, but as soon as it arrived, I knew it had been the right choice & made getting everything else done in time totally worth it…it fits perfectly, I love having a spot to curl up in, and it’s had it’s second guest trial this weekend and so far, had good reviews.

I’m not sure that guests are too bothered about the rest of the updates since they obviously wouldn’t notice them, but I’m very happy! Painting the doors and shelves has made a huge difference, having some order definitely helps keep my head space clearer, and I’ve realised that, for me, having fewer items but displayed nicely works much better. I also frosted two thirds of the windows which has softened the light & gives privacy at night without the need for curtains. I do need a solution that means guests don’t wake with the larks, but I’m undecided on that yet.

I added wheels to my Ikea shelves so that I can simply push them out of the way when I want the wall clear for photos, and I think my desk has finally found it’s happy spot, being the third time I’ve moved it!

Have you got guests for Christmas? Where do yours sleep? x

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  1. Heather

    One word… JEALOUS!

    Sorting out my office space is on our to do list at the moment, too. I need to get rid of some clutter and brace myself for a complete relocation. Oof.

    Love the colour of that daybed btw. It looks perfect in your studio.

  2. Suzzy

    Wow looks fabulous! We’ve got stepkids coming to stay over the holidays, so I’m conscious I really need to get my a** in gear and clear out the spare room – eek!

    1. sarah-lou - Post author

      I took ages to decide as I did feel it may be sacrilege! But the wood just didn’t work for me in here & I decided worse case, I could strip & revarnish. Thanks for providing the proper name for them…I never knew what they were as they were my Grandparent’s & assumed they were some kind of ‘string’. Love learning more about the pieces x

  3. HannahB

    wow! love it so much! we have yet to get to our spare room/study sorted but I know exactly what you mean about having a sofa bed that doesn’t look like a sofa! love the day bed. I’m thinking a pile of floor cushions at the mo. They can be stacked like a day bed or laid on the floor for a bed?! Hmm.

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