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maker spaces by emily quinton ryland peters small maker spaces emily quinton sneak peek Emily Quinton’s first book, Maker Spaces (published by Ryland Peters & Small) is a tour of creative interiors from the homes, studios & workspaces of inspiring makers & designers.

The term ‘maker’ has somewhat of a nebulous meaning these days, but I tend to use it to define a blend of outlook, traditional art & craft skills, and the use of today’s incredible technology, both on & offline, which allows us to work from anywhere, to work faster, and reach further than ever before. It’s not just in the making of a photograph, or crafting, writing, sewing or painting…it’s in the certain way of looking at the world that drives us to take what we see around us, to do something creative with it, and to want to share the happiness & fulfilment the process and result gives us.

For those that work at it long and hard enough, it can become the most wonderful way to make a living, and it’s a privilege to take a peek into the maker spaces of thirteen incredibly inspirational designers & makers that have done just that.

I absolutely agree that environment is of paramount importance to creativity and creative folk tend to be very tied to our surroundings. My own studio is in it’s third phase (and not ready for a show and tell!) I’m sure it won’t be the last, and it doesn’t end there. For me, our whole home needs to feel set to rights too, or it’s like an itch that distracts me constantly (and I currently have that itch!).

I loved this incredibly apt quote from Alix Blüh:

“Interiors and aesthetics are the pulse of what inspires me daily. If things aren’t right in my home or studio, it is like sunshine for me. I truly start to wilt.”

Filled with beautiful images by Helen Cathcart, the book spans rustic, homespun, retro chic & eclectic style, and provides plenty of inspiration for creating a style that is individually reflective of you in your own home or workspace. Below are a few of my favourite maker spaces, including, of course, the bloom filled & beautiful home of my lovely friend Vicky Trainor

maker spaces by emily quinton look inside There’s plenty of inspiration in these pages for anyone that wants to own their creative style. Whether you consider yourself a maker or not, you’ll find ideas for every room in your home. Get your copy of Maker Spaces here, or a signed copy via Emily’s makelight maker spaces page.

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  1. Kirsty

    Lovely post; Emily’s book looks full of inspiring spaces! I totally agree with being creative and being connected to the space(s) around me. Even though we moved over a year ago now we are still not totally finished (not sure that concept even exists!?!) indoors. This can drive me a tad insane at times! We have just started to makeover the garden from concrete/stone city to a more wood and green and child friendly place(!) and also to build what is turning out to be a v large shed at the top of the garden which will be my workspace – I cannot wait, as since having the small person and moving, my creative time has been nil and I’ve had no dedicated space either so extreme happiness is on the horizon! Lovely blog too Sarah-Louise! Xx Kirsty

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