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lapinblu meet me at{mine} I recently discovered a new platform for discovering and curating real & inspiring homes & interiors whilst sharing the story of your own style and connecting with an exciting community of homestyle loving folk… at{mine}
At{Mine} is a visually beautiful space in it’s own right (and who doesn’t love gorgeous online design?) but what I really L O V E is that the images you find there are real interiors from real people; not just images styled to within an inch of unachievability…

at{mine} for lovers of real interior style and decor
In the same way that you can like pins on Pinterest, you can ♥ any image you like to curate the inspirations you love. Not only that, but you can click on image tags to find out exactly where they got that {lamp, rug, print…insert your pick here} to create your own wishlist. Alongside all of this, you can follow your favourites, and you can share the story of your home & style by uploading your own pictures to your profile to share with your followers.

at{mine} love tag shop
In an online world already full of social media, is there space for another? Well, I’d say YES…I love Pinterest and I love reading blogs and collating what I find there, but I certainly think At{Mine} has it bang on in terms of being a beautifully designed space & experience for people who love design; but also, who love (and are potentially more inspired by) the personal, quirky and character filled interiors, style, and decor of REAL homes and people.

at{home} explore curate and share real homes and interiors The site originally opened in Beta testing mode to handpicked “tastemakers”, designers, brands and inspirational individuals, so that when it was ready to launch out to the world, it would be in tip top condition and already filling up with gorgeous homes to inspire and curate…

It is now open to all, and has become a popular space to share & discovery inspirational spaces.

Come join me At{Mine}, hope to see you soon x

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    1. sarah-lou - Post author

      Aw, sorry, Josephine. A couple came in via Twitter…if I get any more, I’ll let you know, but sign up in the meantime to be first to know when it goes live xx

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