DIY Wooden Bead Lightpull…


DIY Wooden Bead Lightpull ~ When we moved into our new home, we found that all the bathrooms had pull lights & they were all too high for the bear to reach on her own. I searched around for some in a hurry, but couldn’t find anything I liked, so I made these…
They’re a really simple and quick way to make your own light pull AND add a cheeky little dash of colour at the same time…

You will need…
// paint & brush~ I used old tester pots & crafters acrylics
// wooden beads ~ I used 20, 25 & 30mm beads
// PVA glue
// string ~ I used pink baker’s twine, but you could use yarn, garden twine, leather cord…whatever you fancy. You’ll need to make sure you have enough for the length you want the pull to hang plus tying.

1. Paint the beads in your chosen colours ~ I sectioned off one of them to leave it part natural using washi tape. You could add spots, stripes or even chevrons. I find the best way to paint them is to slide a little blu~tac onto a cocktail stick and then pop the bead on top, paint the top half and then once dry (really quick), flip it and paint the bottom.
2. Once dry, thread the bottom bead & tie off (either with a knot at the bottom, or around the bead). Thread the remaining beads and tie your string to your existing fitting.
3. Mix a little PVA glue with a dash of water and coat the beads (it’s easier once they’re hung) to finish…

Voila! simple.playful.practical.

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