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DIY animal candles - animal kids party theme candle celebration mini pompom bunting cake toppers how-to-make-animal-party-candle-holders DIY animal candles DIY-make-kids-animal-party-theme-candles DIY animal candles I wanted to keep things as simple as possible for Boo’s party this year, but I do love to make a few bits & pieces to make it feel more personal & special. So, with our theme in mind…along with animal party hats, and safari topped gift jars, I made these really fun & easy DIY animal candles as cake toppers…

You will need:
\\ pointed screwdriver/skewer/other implement (strong enough to make/start holes in animals)
\\ pliers
\\ candle holders & candles
\\ self tapping cup/wall hook (optional if you’re pointy tool will make holes deep enough alone)
\\ superglue
\\ small plastic animals (I got a large box via eBay, but have also seen them at The Range(UK))

1. trim your candle holders leaving a small stubb
2. start/make a small whole in the back of the animals (I found this worked best by starting the hole with the pointy implement & then screwing in the hook to make it deeper & larger…the plastic was relatively easy to get into though & if you’re feeling strong, you may not need the hook part)
3. add a spot of superglue around the candle holder stubb & base and push into the hole.
4. leave glue to dry, add candles…and, tah~dah!

I made the little pompom bunting by threading mini pompoms with invisible thread & hot glueing the thread to the top of cake pop sticks…
mini-pompom-bunting-cake-topper Have fun! x

P.S. After I’d made these DIY animal candles & whilst hunting for other ideas, I discovered you can actually buy them via Etsy! So if you didn’t fancy making them yourself, you can find them here

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