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photo credit \\ Heather Young

this photo was kindly taken by Heather Young

Honestly, I didn’t really know what the reality of our first ever festival experience & the Just So Festival would be like, but after being introduced and seduced by the stories told by Lou & Lottie last year, as you probably know by now, Boo & I were so TOTALLY excited to be going this year…and, well, we were not disappointed…after setting up camp alongside friends and Just So veterans, Heather, Kat, & Lottie, and fellow newbie, Lori (click to read their stories)…woodland pillow fights, lantern making, music, fairies, woodland creatures, mermaids, magic and memories being made in the outdoors was just a snippet of our magical Just So Festival experience a few weeks ago…

We absolutely had just the most wonderful time! We loved watching the Pirate show, were spellbound by Something to Hold, & enjoyed a singalong with mermaids on the high seas; we adored Arthur’s Dreamboat (a Polly Dunbar adaptation) and disco dancing at the Jitterbug; and had such fun making lanterns for the lantern parade (although ours was a little unfinished ~ they take far longer than expected and little one’s attention wavered!), listening to camp stories, & watching raucous pillow fighting in the Spellbound Forest; we laughed at the Shall Brother’s juggling tricks & japes, & were awed by acrobatics at the Big Top; we bopped ’til we dropped to wonderful live music at the Footlights stage (Mr Wilson’s Second Liners were our stand out favourites); and we proudly marched, chanted & howled with our fellow foxes in the Tribal Tournament (so many wonderful costumes from all the tribes, plus many a pirate, fairy & cowboy too! We’ll be stepping up costumes next year I suspect.)

The creativity behind every detail is just so brilliant with a little bit of crafted lovely in every direction you look and hidden surprises to stumble across; the organisation and site management was really good ~ considering size & numbers, it felt safe and is kept clean throughout the weekend, and the enthusiasm from the amazing organisers, Rowan & Sarah, their volunteers, and the performers is completely infectious, even before you get there; the music, performances & activities are original, creative and totally absorbing; and the atmosphere is relaxed, friendly, joyful, and full of camaraderie…it really is a wonderful opportunity to spend quality time together. To slow down and be guided by whatever captures the your child’s eyes and heart. To be outdoors, in the moment, and to create memories to treasure.

It’s a long weekend, and I can’t pretend it’s all as easy as it sounds…we had a traffic filled and very long journey (leave early if hitting the M25/M6!); schlepping camp gear is hard work (thank you to Heather & Kat’s Ben for rescuing me from a broken trolley wheel & 30kg of canvas!) (take a sturdy trolley!); there’s the inevitable tears and stomps as little legs & lids start to droop (lunchtime naps help); and the weather may be a little unpredictable (take layers & wellies); BUT, it’s so totally worth it for the hazy happy and memories that last way after the journey home!

A few weeks later, still full of tales and wonder, we cannot recommend highly enough that you allow yourself to be captured and immersed in the magic that will no doubt be Just So Festival 2015…

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  1. Josephine

    Having followed your time preparing and going to the just so festival, you’ve inspired me to buy tickets! Have booked the early bird tickets for next year and am very excited! Thank you! X

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