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Gosh, after all the work of setting up a new blog home, I didn’t really think about how hard it would be to write the first post! It’s like starting a delicious new notebook but not wanting to mess up the pages…

Fortunately, I have inspiration in the form of LittleGreenShed’s, Lou Archell and her ‘NatureintheHome’ project. I’ve been wanting to join in for ages, but with one thing and another, haven’t quite got there. I managed a few shots for the recent foraged theme via Instagram, but finally, today, LapinBlu is pretty much up and running in time to join in week 12 for the pink theme, which, of course, I have loved…
NatureintheHome NatureintheHome NatureintheHome

It’s great to have an excuse to start scribbling on a new page, & something lovely to think about – it’s been one hell of a week…

There’s been huge and thrilling (if incredibly stressful) goings on in the background alongside the move from my existing blogging home & working title, suffice to say…we are also moving family home – hurrah! I’ll fill you in on the details when all’s said and done, but I literally could not be more excited!

As for the name change…various accumulated reasons led to my decision. I’ve learnt alot (and no doubt have a LOT more to learn) in the last 18months: about myself, where I want to be, what I want to do & how I want to do it. I definitely think I should consider Spring the start of my New Year as it brings with it a sudden clarity, renewed energy, and a certain buoyancy. A change is as good as a rest as they say, and really, it just feels so much fresher and easier to have everything under one roof.

So, I am equally excited to continue on the meandering road and to welcome you to LapinBlu. Hop by the social buttons to find me in other spaces…there’s still a few tweaks to be made, but it will come in time.

“It’s not about what it is, it’s about what it can become.” – Dr Seuss

Linking up with the LittleGreenShed series, # NatureintheHome.

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  1. caroline

    Such beautiful photos! Thanks for popping by my blog, its great to have now found yours too. Looking forward to reading your future posts. xx

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