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crochet-wall-hanging-coolcrochet I’ve been having fun experimenting with a new (to me) crochet stitch with a wall hanging in mind…I used crocodile (or scale) stitch (moogly blog does a great tutorial) and, inspired by all the beautiful weavings I’ve been oggling lately, I added a fringe edging which I shaped to reflect the geometric colour change in the main body. I’m really pleased with how it turned out & it’s now hanging proudly in our bedroom.

This leads me onto a little update on the making front…as you may have guessed, my Summer wasn’t all as sunny as I had planned…my grizzly had been creeping up behind me for some time and as a result; everything was wonderful//everything was terrible (see this perfectly written post by Kate Arends at Wit&Delight) We had some great times & experiences, but overall & behind the smiles, I was having only a few good days and too many really really bad ones.

So, I took whatever time I could to think hard about what it was that was making me happy & what wasn’t; to actually (finally) talk to my husband & admit things were bad; and then to make some choices, regroup, and attempt to tame that big ol’ grizzly down.

I’m still working on some of those choices and they will take time, but one of my decisions has been, for now, to shut up shop on the making side of things. This choice broke my heart a little, but I was finding myself feeling confused about my direction, totally overwhelmed & paralysed, and struggling to maintain any kind of balance between home, family, work & making.

Having finally & quietly voiced the decision about a week ago; already, I’m feeling the benefits, so I know my head was right this time. I now feel like a weight’s been lifted. My mind is clearer, I feel somehow freer to experiment & create, and I have more time to start on projects & ideas that I’ve been putting off for so long. I’m happier. There’s no way I’ll be putting down my hooks anytime soon so the door isn’t locked, just closed for now.

With closing the unhappy, came also looking at what was making me happy, and one of those things is right here. Juggling making to sell & blogging with everything else in our little world wasn’t working for me, and more and more, I felt the tug of my creative side being pulled further this way than that.

Although putting it out there is incredibly scary, it’s also incredibly rewarding, and I have you wonderful folk to thank for all your support & encouragement – thanks so much for joining me and being part of the journey x

I’ve actually been nominated (huh?!) in the ‘Best Colour Inspiration’ category in the first Amara Interior Blog Awards. Voting closes tomorrow (3rd Oct.~nothing like leaving it to the last minute ;0) so if you can spare a mo. & would care to, I’d love yours…just click the image to cast your vote. Thanks ever so x

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  1. Heather

    a) I absolutely adore your wall hanging. This is definitely something I’d love to have a go at *adds it to the neverending list of things I’d like to have a go at*
    b) What a brave post to write. Admitting you’re struggling is the biggest battle, and then once you reach out and let other people help you to make those difficult decisions and changes to your life, then you can start to work on feeling better. Sounds like you’re off to a good start, so I hope things continue on on an upward slant. x

  2. caroline

    Just voted! I LOVE the wall hanging – its beautiful! I enjoy reading everything you blog about, especially your wonderful makes and home inspiration, and your family adventures – Just keep doing what you love!
    Looking forward to our catch up, sending big hugs. xox

  3. Gillian

    I think your blog is hugely inspiring, and I seriously love your crocheted wall hanging. I’m off to google “crocheted wall hangings” now.

    Thank you for talking about your battles so openly and honestly here – so few people do, and I include myself in that. If your blog feeds you creatively and brings you joy, then that’s what you must focus on.

    Gillian x

    1. sarah-lou - Post author

      Thank you Gillian. Bloggers who have shared their feelings have helped me feel that I’m not so alone, so if talking about it helps even one other person feel they are not alone too, that would make me very happy. Thank you for your kind words x

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