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The last room on mind is the kitchen. I kind of know what I want to achieve, but on a minimal to zero budget, it may be a toughie.  I’ve been doing alot of drooling over kitchen inspiration on Pinterest for quite some time now!

The main issues in here are the flooring, cupboards, and worktop.

The floor is a wood veneer, which isn’t in the best condition in parts due to a leaking sink last year, and is also a bit too orange for my taste. But I do like a wooden floor for it’s practicality, warmth & style, and if I had the budget, I’d probably go for an oak laminate flooring. (If I had a limitless budget, I’d go for reclaimed herringbone oak – alas!)

Since I don’t have that budget at the moment though, the possibilites I’m considering are:

Paint – I could paint over the existing flooring as an interim but I’m unsure as to how the finish might hold up. I also like the idea of painting chequers with white, leaving the wood showing through instead of black.

Strip – Attempt to sand the boards & revarnish which may lighten it up (or entirely trash it!)

Remove – There seems to be concrete beneath the boards which I’ve considered either polishing (but £££) or just painting over.

Part Tile – As it’s only part of the flooring that is damaged, I’m considering whether it might be worth doing something abit different & part tiling that end. Something abit like this.  I really love that combination of tone, shape & texture.

For the cupboards, I’m aiming to paint the existing doors as there’s no issues with the frames, the layout, or the doors themselves, so that should be fairly simple.

The worktop is my biggest concern. There’s alot of it & it’s currently solid granite. I considered whether it would be worth having it wrapped in steel as I like the look, but was then told it’s a pain to keep looking good, so that’s kind of gone out the window.

I’m now thinking about ply, scaffold/pallet boards, concrete, or I’d love to work some copper in. These are a few DIY’s I’ve been poring over:

Concrete Countertop DIY – A Beautiful Mess

Copper Countertop Tutorial – Remodelaholic

DIY Worktop – Patchwork Harmony

Caroline’s (patchwork harmony) is my favourite as it combines both of what I’m looking for, although I must admit, I really love to worktop before the additional planks.
I’m kind of thinking if I DIY it this way, I can replace the worktop in sections and so spread the cost, although I know I’m going to find that massively frustrating being someone who likes a job to be done & finished.

As you’ve probably guessed, I’m going for monochromatic theme in here, although I suspect there will be a few blush touches too – I can’t resist! I also want to add in some hanging lights as we only have spots in the ceiling at the moment.

Have you ever DIY’d a worktop? Any tips or ideas for that or the flooring?


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Images: via A Gentle Woman \ via The Design Chaser \ The Hive \ via At{Mine} \ Michael Chase via Indulgy


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  1. Becky at PinksCharming

    I’m going through some very similar dilemmas, so I feel your pain! We have awful tiles, fake granite worktops and orangey tile effect lino (I know.) We have oak cupboards so the overwhelming feel is ORANGE!. I’m trying to find some ways to cover up the tiles until we can afford to rip them out and retile but am reluctant to paint them as I think they will peel. I LOVE that partially tiled floor you spotted on Instagram, that looks fabulous, you should give it a try. xx

    1. sarah-lou - Post author

      I’m just about to try V33 tile paint from B&Q – I have to say, it looks amazing where I’ve seen it & much better than stuff I’ve used before. They do cupboard paints & even floor tile paint too! x

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