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Just So 2015 - lapinblu.com Just So Festival Handmade Decor - lapinblu.com Just So Festival Jitterbug Dance Tent - LapinBlu.com Just So Festival Jitterbug Dance Tent 2 - LapinBlu.com Fairy Queen Just SO Festival Just So Festival - Meet the Fairy Queen fairies and snow at Just So Just So Fesitival 2015 Pirate Training - lapinblu.com Just So Festival 2015 - Pirate Owl Just So Festival Big Top - LapinBlu.com Circus Skills Just SO Festival - lapinblu.com Just_So_Festival_Campfire_Tales Just So Festival Street Food Just_So_Festival_Drinks_Box Just So Festival Good Food to Go S&M Just SO Festival Tribal Tournament just_so_festival_2015_lapinblu Just SO Festival Tribal Tournament Fanfare Tribal Tournament - Just So Festival - lapinblu.com Until next year Just So Oh, what a wonderful time we had at Just So Festival…flat footing & the Fairy Queen; pirate training & circus skills; campfire tales, woodfired pizza, and of course, the tribal tournament.

Just a few of our highlights from this year’s weekend of magic in the outdoors.

As with last year, Sarah, Rowan & their team put on an incredible show of arts, theatre, music, and creativity in the grounds & woodlands of Rhode Hall, Cheshire. And once again, we delighted in the magic of it all, made all the more special by our beautiful companions for the weekend. I could tell you about it all over again, but you’ll get the idea from my post on our first experience.

This year, it was all of that & more, but there were two things I found the most wonderful all, which I perhaps hadn’t picked out so much in the excitement of last year, and they were this…

Yes. As with most festivals/camp adventures; arriving, trekking kit to camp & setting up on the Friday is somewhat fraught. There are legs to be streched after long journeys, hungry, eager kids tugging at sleeves, and fights over tent poles & pegs.
BUT. At around 7 to half past, as the sun is starting wane, there was, what felt like, a collective sigh across the landscape. You could physically feel the whole site let shoulders relax, backs stretch, and ears ears & eyes open ready to listen and see. To see through the (occasionally verging on red!) mist and focus on each other. A sense of quieter, warmer excitement was palpable & beautiful as families started to filter into the festival with the wrist band salute.

The second thing was simply that being the second time around, I didn’t feel quite so overwhelmed to see, be & do everything all at once. This allowed me a little more time to watch, and although I did get this sense last year – it really hit me this year…
It truly is an awesome thing the Just So Festival achieves! Immersing & engaging families together in what they are doing, seeing & experiencing, come rain or shine is really quite an immense task when you think about it. But there is something so incredibly special about the atmosphere here. It weaves itself into your being, and allows you seemingly extended time & space to look around you in whole new ways. To not only watch the kids roam & lead the way, but to allow them to take you along for the ride, creating memories flecked by fairy dust in surroundings that feel safe, inspiring, and most of all, just great fun.


Disclosure: We were provided with press tickets for our experience at Just So Festival, for which we are most grateful. All words, images & opinions are my own. Earlybird tickets are now available from the Ticket Booth…book now – I promise you’ll love it x

PS Just in case you wondered…Owls won the tournament. Boo was heard to exclaim ‘It’s funny isn’t it. Every tribe we pick wins!” I haven’t the heart to suggest otherwise ;o)

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  1. polly

    looks amazing, I’ve heard great things about the Just So – we were hoping to go but couldnt’ make it at the last minute. Maybe next year!

  2. Molly

    I’ve never been to Just So but heard so many great things about it that it’s definitely on my list of must-do festivals that we need to visit as a family. Beautiful photos too. It looks like such a special place. x

  3. Fiona

    Ah, I love Just So Festival! We took Ebony 2 years ago, she was only 18 months but absolutely loved it. Such a beautiful, magical place. I would love to go back sometime soon. Ps, well done the owls xx

  4. Lori

    Oh it’s so good isn’t it! Such a shame we couldn’t make it this year but look like you and Boo had such a fab time and totally loving her pirate costume! She’s totally aced it xx

  5. Josephine

    We bought tickets for this year after reading your review last year. Was a brilliant experience and would love to go again. Thank you for the recommendation. ?

  6. Nina Nixon

    Such a shame we couldn’t make it this year. Fingers crossed for next – your pictures are truly amazing. I love the black and white.

    Nina x

  7. caroline

    Beautiful photos! Boo looks amazing in her costume and make up.
    It sounds wonderful, would love to go with the kids – maybe next year! xx

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