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A brief stop in to share with you a few favourites from January, and first up, what better way to banish the month of gloom than with candlelight, plants (albeit faux, since I seem to have a knack for killing mine at the moment!), and sparkles.

This rather gorgeous marble pillar candle comes from a range at Cox & Cox, along with the angel wing trinket tray, mirrored trinket case, and the potted faux Echeveria; and my favourite everyday ring (‘ODA’) & necklace (‘ODIN’) are from Lines & Current.

I’ve been channelling some calm & strength from my crystal collection and, it may be in my head, but wearing a few seems to have really helped my mood of late! This super pretty Amethyst ring is from the Meaningful Gemstones Collection by Missoma, providing intuition, wisdom & protection. Amethyst is thought to neutralise negative energy, calm the mind and spirit, facilitate decision-making, and balance emotional highs and lows…yup, need me all of that please!

I’ve been enjoying playing, experimenting, and creating with my new(ish) camera baby, the Olympus O-MD em10MarkIII. And of course, all the tea…always time for tea! Check out my Insta feed for images I’ve shot recently, and if you’re looking for a camera as a DSLR alternative, or something to get started with, I highly recommend this one.

I’ve always loved painting my nails. There’s something self-soothing about it, perhaps it’s the fact that I’m taking some me-time, and it’s kind of mindful in the process? It seems folks on Insta love it too, so I’ve been including some of the colours I love and had alot of fun doing so too. A current favourite is ‘Angora Cardi’ (on my fingers), and ‘On Your Mistletoes’ (on my toes), both by Essie.

And last but not least, I’ve been enjoying putting together my first bullet journal.
I’ve never tried this before, but after getting lost in YouTube videos for a while, I thought I’d give it a go, and am loving the creative process of putting it together.

January has a slow & introspective month, and I’ve struggled a bit, if I’m honest. Although sharing that, it would seem that many of us have found it a tough one too. But, it did mean time to think about last year, which felt like a few steps back overall, and to start thinking how I can make this one better for myself, and what I need to do to make that happen.

I realised that one of the main things I’d stopped was doing things that made me feel good. I barely climbed last year, and I definitely wasn’t getting out in the fresh air as much as I’ve realised I need to be. And I also felt I wasn’t playing creatively.

So my word for this year is ‘Re-Wild’. Which for me, means rediscovering my inner roar, playfulness, and just doing more of the things I know make me feel good. And also, giving myself permission to let my plans play out at a rate I feel good with, and not feeling like I need to keep up with anyone. I’m excited to roll out some changes over the year to come, and do hope you’ll me in the journey once again…

I hope your 2018 has started as positively as possible. What are your plans & hopes for the year? x

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