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School shoes It’s been a month since she started “big” school and I’m busting with pride. She’s excited, interested and happy. “I can READ” she whispers, somewhat awestruck at bedtime.

She scribbles lists and lists of words, carefully sounded out, asking when she’s a little unsure…she’s quite a perfectionist, not liking to cross things out so starting again, she gets frustrated, we talk about just keeping on trying and that mistakes are ok, and of course, reading is three letters, but oh! the sparkles in her eyes and a whole new world opening up to her…what more could a Mama Bear ask for.

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  1. Jane Day

    She sounds just like my Ruby, she hates making mistakes too. Tell her to keep reading it’s the best thing in the world, all the magical places you can go!


  2. Em@Lululoves

    Such a sweet pic! It’s lovely to hear she’s enjoying school. Lulu started in September also. She’s mostly enjoying it although she still asks me to pick her up ‘quick’ each morning – We’re very ready for half term! Em xx

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