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scented candles hygge scented-candles-hygge Our sense of smell plays an important (and often undervalued) role in our everyday decisions, emotions & memories.

Fragrance can breathe life into the air, bringing a sense of well-being. Although Spring is well & truly in the air now; scented candles are high on my list for a sense of light & cosy in keeping with my “Hygge is not just for Winter” ethos.

But not just any old flames will do…I’ve become utterly smitten (and a bit obsessed) with quite specific & deliciously scented candles. Ones that make me breathe deep and feel restored, take my wanderlust fuelled mind to some imagined place, or spark a sense of invigoration & joy.

These are a few of my favourites:

\\ Amara Orange & Clove – A warm, spicy fragrance that makes me dream of walking barefoot amongst Californian orange groves at sunset.
(If you’re interested in Hygge, you may also enjoy Amara’s take on creating a cosy ambience – they’ve rounded up a few more posts, so take some time to delve into the rabbit hole!)

\\ Illumé ‘Tonka Noir’ – With notes of orange, jasmin, wood & vanilla, these are one of my most favourite scented candles. The sweet and delicate fragrance fills a room (even unlit) and makes my whole body relax & my soul unwind.

\\ Om Candle ‘Create’ – Earth friendly, hand poured luxury candles. Each line has a different blend perfect for meditation, yoga practice, mindfulness, spirituality & wellbeing. ‘Create’ balances rosemary, bay & grapefruit for restoration, inspiration, positivity & invigoration. I keep this one at my desk for a more natural & lighter scent whilst working.

\\ Skandinavisk ‘Fjord’ – “carved from glaciers” these scented candles do exactly what they say & transport me to a land of vast open skies, silent landscapes, and roaring falls. I breathe deep & dream…one day…

\\ Essence + Alchemy Floral Tea-Light Set – Part of the beautiful artisan collection of small-batch natural and eco-friendly botanical candles & home-fragrances handmade by Lesley A Bramwell. This set contains 3 tea-lights of flowers, roses & tranquility which I use in my bedroom to unwind & relax at the end of a day. There are three sets available & it’s a great way to try different scents and see which best suits your sense of smell to transport you from your everyday.

Do you have a favourite scent? Any other candle recommendations I should try? x


#TheEverydaySpruce started as a conversation between myself & Heather Young ( around organising our homes & making everyday life a little sweeter & easier. It became a (semi) regular project and is aimed to inspire & encourage simplification, clarification & beautification for you, your home & your daily routine…


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  1. Karen Barlow

    I also love burning candles all year round, different scents for different seasons but my all time favourite, although hard to get hold of now is Anis Patchouli by Compagnie De provence.If you can track it down the heady ethnic fragrance is unrivalled in my humble opinion.

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