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Advent Calendar Gift Branch Hurrah hooray, it’s December! The month when winter begins, and I allow the excitement bubbles full reign in preparation for Christmas and a season spent snuggled up and cosying in with friends and family, brisk winter walks, and hearty warming suppers.

Autumn seemed hectic and busy but in (generally) a nice way (I’ve a catch up post to come on all of that), and for the first time in a few years, I feel calm and ready to really enjoy preparing the house for Christmas and the wintry season to come.

A special advent calendar for the Bear was first on my list this year, and inspired by this on pinterest and Littlegreenshed‘s efforts last year, this is what I made…I really enjoyed finding little items relevant to certain events and days in the month and I was really chuffed with how it turned out. The Bear loved it; delicately investigating each parcel, trying to guess what was in them (she’s remarkably astute though!), and finding the numbers on each parcel…

And thereabouts my drafted post was due to end, but I’m talking past tense because this calendar is no more…we arrived home from school today to doggy carnage – the branch pulled down and snapped, chocolates all gone, and all the parcels ripped to pieces and scattered. She’d even chewed the lid off a bottle of nail varnish meant for the last day of term; it’s sparkly contents lay pooled over the floor ~ thank goodness for wooden boards!

Our dog, Roxy, is a lab (renowned for their love of food) and has always been a terror with stealing food and rummaging in bin bags at any opportune moment you might have let your guard down (as you may have seen if you follow my instagrams).

I can cope with this in general as it’s usually down to us leaving something obvious out and turning our back. Recently, she’s become a little more unpredictable and sneaky, but in a million years, I never suspected that she would go to such lengths as to (apparently) wait for me to go out (it’s been up since Saturday but we’ve all been around at some point), and to go for something strung up, reasonably high on the wall, and to so utterly destroy it, all in the name of an illicit scavenge while the cat’s away…I’m still trying to work out how she even got to it as there’s no other damage to the wall or anything else – oh, to have been a fly on the wall! I guess chocolate was the lure, but it hadn’t even occurred to me with them being in wrappers and then wrapped up in parcels, that it would be like dangling bait…

Poor little Bear, she was terribly upset, but remarked that she still loved our Roxy, even though she’d been naughty! It’s taken me a few more hours to be so forgiving, but an afternoon of cuddles cheered us right up and we agreed that, in the grand scheme, it’s a shame but no biggie, and I have some time tomorrow and a few ideas to try to remedy the situation…might leave out the chocolate though.

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  1. caroline

    Oh no! And it looked so beautiful too. That’s so sweet that she was so forgiving though! Hope you manage to salvage some of the little prizes and come up with something new. xx

  2. Bee

    What a naughty pup … it really was a gorgeous calendar … I think it would have taken me at least a few days to forgive the pooch 🙂 … Bee xx

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